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SUBJECTS: Media apologize for their fake-news driven “mistakes” while cheering the ‘Team-Trump Russian-Collusion’ story, but still insist they’re not doing that for which they continuously have to apologize – what’s next? //CNN’s fake Wikileaks-link with Trump //ABC’s fake report saying candidate Trump asked Gen Flynn to contact Russians when it was President-Elect Trump who did so //AND, the WashPost reporter caught using a photo to falsely show low turn-out at a Trump rally – more to come? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: To all but the functionally illiterate, the Mueller team probing Trump has documented Democrat donors with heavily vested political interests against the subject of their investigation (some of whom were removed for proven operational bias) – what’s next? //Trump fulfills a 1995 law that overwhelmingly authorized America’s Embassy in Israel to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, yet he’s incoherently accused of violating international law as if the ill-defined latter should trump the former – who’s correct? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: House Intel Chair threatens DOJ & FBI with Citations for hiding documented bias against Trump, but then it’s at the mercy of the US Atty for DC to prosecute – why not use the leverage of its own “Inherent Contempt Powers” to arrest, try and imprison recalcitrant witnesses? //There’s an international outcry against Trump moving the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – since when should we subordinate our nation’s interests to the will of other countries as an exchange for their approval – wouldn’t that be appeasement on crack? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Top Mueller investigator Peter Strzok was fired for anti-Trump texts with FBI lawyer/lover Lisa Page – has their bias irreparably corrupted the ‘Team-Trump Russia Collusion’ probe? //Contempt-of-Congress citations are being filed against the DOJ & FBI for their complicity in covering up the confirmed anti-Trump bias of their personnel Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – what’s next? //Dem Rep Schiff & media expose their functional illiteracy by continuing to say Trump ordered former FBI Dir Comey to drop the investigation of Gen Flynn when he only said, “I HOPE you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.” Is “hope” an order? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Legendary attorney & Obama supporter slams blatant overreach of Special Counsel Mueller’s probe into “Russian Collusion” – we’ll discuss specifics //Trump retweets video of Muslims violently attacking others and it’s automatically called “anti-Muslim.” But if that’s true, can’t any Muslim can be violently ‘anti-all others’ with impunity? Listen Live: Share us...

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