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SUBJECTS:  Should or shouldn’t Trump fulfill his threat to make funding the government contingent upon building the Wall he promised in the campaign? //BLM Louisville leader Chanelle Helm demands whites give up property as reparations for Blacks – how does HER racism credibly fight racism?  Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Google joins Left-wing groups who censor dissent under the guise of fighting a “hate” that’s often fabricated – what’s next? //MO Sen Democrat Claire McCaskill admits her party was wrong in voting for Obamacare with only Democrat votes – will other Dems follow? Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Why do many imbecilically say that criticism of ANTIFA’s racist violence equals support for the greater racist violence of Nazis? //Can we say the worse vileness of Klansmen doesn’t excuse the vileness of ANTIFA without being simplistically accused of backing the KKK? Listen Live:   Share us...

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SUBJECTS: While Nazis and the Klan are clearly worse than Antifa, why does that make Antifa’s violence and racism any less horrific than we’ve seen? //Has the intelligence community’s opposition to President Trump jeopardized the country they are tasked with protecting? Listen Live: Share us...

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