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SUBJECTS: The DOJ’s Nat’l Crime Victimization Survey shows that folks stop attacks 100,000 times annually by merely brandishing a firearm thus exceeding the 33,000 lost to them – so do guns save more than they kill? //How will Democrats run against the GOP tax cut law for the Midterm Elections despite its quickening rise in popularity? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: The Left pimps out FL High School shooting survivors to disarm their parents in the name of stopping future attacks – does punishing the innocent save us from the guilty? //Top Democrat Nancy Pelosi said that Trump’s Tax Cut Law is “the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress” yet polls show the opposite – what’s next? Listen Live: Share us...

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Jane Silk and Kathleen Antrim are Guest Hosts — SUBJECTS: Paychecks and Presidential popularity grow thanks to tax reform- will this momentum carry into the midterms? //Republicans say “that’s all folks” while Democrats say “stay tuned for more” in wake of Mueller indictments- does either side have it right? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Mueller secures ‘non-Trump Collusion’ related Russian indictments while his own team’s documented bias grows – does that mean his legitimacy shrinks? //Polls support Trump’s Tax Cuts law and Immigration Reform stance while he also rises in general approval – what’s next? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: With muscular ignorance, Jimmy Kimmel claims Trump signed a bill to let the mentally ill have guns when it was actually a law backed by the ACLU to stop bureaucrats from behaving like courts of law //Federal judges tell Trump to continue Obama’s DACA Executive Order ignoring that no judge can dictate to a succeeding President which Executive Orders he may cancel from a preceding President – what will SCOTUS say? Share us...

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