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SUBJECTS: Since Mueller has interviewed the President’s WH Counsel Don McGahn after Trump waived all Executive Privilege and Attorney-Client Privilege, has Mueller’s demand for a face-to-face in the Oval lost all...

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SUBJECTS: Does Mueller have the power to issue an unchallenged subpoena to President Trump when the Constitution allows the President to overrule his subordinates? //Will tone-deaf Democrats like NY Gov. ‘America Is Not Great’...

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SUBJECTS: Can Trump reject a subpoena issued by subordinates over whom he has the Constitutional administrative authority to overrule – what do you think? //Sen Blumenthal (D-CT) blasts Trump for costs of a parade honoring...

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SUBJECTS: NY Gov Cuomo says, “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great,” followed by his Press Sec saying, “Governor Cuomo disagrees with the President….The Governor...

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SUBJECTS: On the Omarosa-Trump feud, an AP report assumes that disagreement between individuals of different races must be a racial dispute vs one between individuals – doesn’t that mindset embody the very racism it...

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