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SUBJECTS: Trump out performs Obama’s first Midterm Election challenge by adding seats to his party’s Senate majority vs losing them, AND loses dramatically less in the House than did his predecessor –...

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SUBJECTS: Election Day- will voters choose the GOP’s improving economy or the DNC’s mobs? //Politico polling shows statistical tie between Democrats and Republicans while Harvard-Harris poll shows an EXACT tie. Will 2018 be 2016...

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SUBJECTS: Democrats cheer Michael Bloomberg for donating 110 million to their Midterm campaigns even as he specifically and unambiguously calls for increasing taxes on the poor – is that the best formula for attracting...

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SUBJECTS: Most with an IQ above dandruff know that you can criticize the actions and comments of a person without being bigoted against that person’s ethnic or racial origin; however, the Left argue that you can’t...

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SUBJECTS: The Hill writes on the latest Harvard/Harris Survey saying that, “The Democratic Party and GOP approval ratings, the poll found, are equal for the first time in over a year.” But mainstream media is...

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