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SUBJECTS: Bob Woodward claims Trump officials disputing his book “FEAR” are scared of losing their jobs- is this truth or cliché? //Which narratives will withstand the swarm of FBI and DOJ documents Trump is seemingly on the...

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SUBJECTS: Left-wing colleagues & former co-workers share revelations surrounding Bob Woodward’s hostile relationship with accuracy as his anti-Trump book “FEAR” sets new sales records //Gallup shows that...

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SUBJECTS: Trump appears ready to un-redact DOJ and FBI files for which Republicans in Congress have been asking concerning FISA Warrant Applications, the Clinton email investigation, the Russian-probe, as well as more on Peter...

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SUBJECTS: Mainstream Media Reporters, Commentators & Analysts aren’t swaying folks against Trump as they once could have against others – why? //FACT: Recent Gallup Poll finds 57 percent of Democrats support...

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WOW! NJ Sen Cory Booker (D) is caught overtly lying out of his southern orifice claiming he was bravely violating Senate rules by releasing classified Kavanaugh documents already cleared before his claim – what’s next?...

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