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SUBJECTS: CNN and their Left allies assert that Trump’s “shi*hole” comment against self-impoverishing dictatorial nations is a racist remark against the citizenry they oppress – do you agree with CNN’s functional illiteracy? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Walmart joins the cavalcade of national corporations and small businesses announcing company-wide bonuses, raises and benefits, and they’re all citing the Tax Bill as the reason – is the poll-characterized “Ugly Duckling” Tax Bill becoming a Swan? //San Francisco-based federal Judge William Alsup orders Trump to continue Obama’s DACA Executive Order, but is it realistically binding since no judge can dictate to a succeeding President what Executive Orders he can replace from a preceding President? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Judge defies separation of powers by ruling that Trump can’t remove a previous president’s Executive Order (DACA) – is he playing with tyrannical behavior that could endanger his life? //President Trump opens his immigration and budget negotiations with Democrats to the Press and the Left are collectively crying foul over how well it appeared to go – why? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Is Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” actually just “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”, as The Bard might put it? //DOJ and FBI must hand over all Russian-probe documents to Congress, and all of those documents must be free of redaction- what bad-faith actions will now come to light? //Will DOJ’s investigation into Clinton Foundation’s alleged pay-for-play influence selling pay off or come up short? //Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley says FBI Dir. Comey leaked classified doc to friend after he was fired- will these leak charges hold water? //Have we finally heard the last of Steve Bannon? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Despite Michael Wolff’s anti-Trump “Fire and Fury” prologue admitting that “many of the accounts….. are boldy untrue,” it’s still a top seller – does this hurt Trump or just give him more provable “fake news” to cite? //How many more times than “The Boy…” do news outlets get to “Cry Wolf” against Trump before suffering long-term diminished trust? //Meryl Streep and others in Hollywood want Oprah Winfrey to run for the Presidency, but like Streep, she has a #MeKnewToo Harvey Weinstein past – what’s next? Listen Live: Share us...

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