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SUBJECTS: By generalizing Trump’s specific attack against MS-13 as a racial slur against ALL immigrants, Pelosi & mainstream media commit racism in the name of fighting it by using race to intimidate dissent –...

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SUBJECTS: Food stamp cuts, complaints of corporate welfare for the Sugar industry and Immigration are all threatening the passage of the Farm Bill to be debated and voted on Friday – what’s next? //Mueller’s...

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SUBJECTS: 2nd highest Democrat in the House says his party will fund The Wall in exchange for securing DACA – why have they been so against protecting us at the border anyway? //9th Circuit Court of Appeals appears ready...

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SUBJECTS: Did Obama’s DOJ & FBI install a spy in Trump’s campaign before the occurrence of the alleged justifying grounds they cite, (i.e., George Papadopoulos telling an Australian Ambassador (& Clinton...

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SUBJECTS: Why are some folks still defending an Iran-nuke deal that has been verifiably nonsensical with weak compliance standards? //DOJ is begrudgingly yielding to Congress’s document-demands over FISA-abuse allegations...

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