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SUBJECTS: Leading Democrats resist their own party’s growing demand to move everyone into Medicare instead of saving Obamacare – why? //WH says the DOJ “should certainly look at” prosecuting fired FBI Dir Comey for what amounts to obstruction of justice and lying to Congress Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: SCOTUS backs Trump wanting refugees from 6 terror-haven states to have more than “assurances from resettlement agencies” before moving to US //In Portland, Antifa violently attacks ALL opposing socialism under guise of fighting racism – will their ‘hide-behind’ argument soon fail? //Sen Judiciary Chair says Comey excused Clinton months before ending the investigation as he reached “Conclusion first, fact-gathering 2nd!” Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Trump deals on debt and hands DACA to Congress- will the Left’s demagoguery over DACA and the GOP’s chronic legislative inaction change? Listen Live: Share us...

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Guest Hosted by Silk and Antrim: SUBJECTS: DACA was never law. Those who act like it is, are showing leopards never change their spots or tiger’s, it’s stripes! // With debate on debt ceiling delayed another 3 months, President compromised much to the chagrin of the GOP. Why? // The swift passage in the House of increasing self-driving car testing, is proof the system is broken. Is that more important than tax reform, immigration overhaul and healthcare? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Trump ends DACA gradually so Congress can replace it with legislation that’s constitutional which drives the political class nuts – why? //Appellate Court lifts injunction against Texas ID Law citing its universality but Lefties claim it’s racist to preempt illegal votes – why? Listen Live: Share us...

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