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SUBJECTS: Can Blue States continuing to vote Blue truly be called a blowout victory and referendum on Trump? Dems think so! //With the real surprise victory a year behind us, how have we progressed under President Trump? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: NY Times accuses Trump of backing off China’s trade imbalance even as it invests big in AK & buys 300 planes from Boeing – ironic or bad-faith? //The Hill reports Democrats’ “Identity Crisis” following their victories in already existing Democrat strongholds – where’s the fault line? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Dems win in Dem states but cheer like they’re upsets – did they gain ground or just hold it? //Trump stunned the world a year ago with a come-from-behind win – what’s going better, what’s going worse? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Texas church shooter kills 26 (mostly children) and wounds 20 until stopped by real gun-control – an armed Good-Samaritan – what’s next? //Fmr DNC Chair Brazile says Clinton didn’t rig nomination, she only “prevented the DNC from running its own operation” – what’s the diff? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Top Dems & Left media finally admit Clinton & DNC rigged nomination against Sanders – after lying to their own, won’t they lie to all? //Clinton gives 20% of US uranium to FBI-confirmed Russian extortionists, coerces DNC to sink Sanders & pays for Russian dirt on Trump- JAIL? Listen Live: Share us...

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