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SUBJECTS: NYT Nat’l Sec Reporter David Sanger says Trump “deserves enormous credit” for NKorea’s willingness to talk about abandoning its nuclear weapons – what’s next? //White House is suing...

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SUBJECTS: Will the Right’s tax reform momentum carry them to a midterm victory, or will the Left’s gun control push stop it cold? //Has the Trump-Collusion story been a net plus or loss to the Left as we look to the midterms?...

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SUBJECTS: An Inspector General report is due out soon on the investigation of the Clinton Foundation and has already led to the firing of former FBI Deputy Director McCabe – what’s next? // Dreamers screwed by...

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SUBJECTS: Banning Bump-Stocks, AR-15’s & AK-47’s, Improved Background Checks & Hardening School Security top the gun-control legislation debate – what passes? //Will violence ensue if Mueller &...

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SUBJECTS: Trump just said “Take the guns first, go through due process second.” That’s tyranny. Barring time-sensitive exigent circumstances, doesn’t the 2nd Amendment guarantee our right to armed resistance...

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