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SUBJECTS: What does Trump dumping the Iran-nuke deal mean – perhaps that we’re no longer the suckers we were when first embracing it? //We’ll discuss the cataclysmic flaws of the Iran-nuke deal and why...

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SUBJECTS: Trump likely to skip sit-down with Mueller – is this a smart way to avoid a perjury trap that would be sprung in a later subpoena? //The Left insists that Trump can’t ignore a subpoena even as it says the DOJ pursuing...

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SUBJECTS: Which side has generated the most serious falsehoods and egregious acts: Trump OR the Deep State-Mainstream Media axis trying to destroy him? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: The Deep State’s & Mainstream Media’s double-standard tag-teaming treatment against Trump during Mueller’s investigation has been so masturbatory that only the bad-faith & vacuous can defend it....

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SUBJECTS: Do Mueller’s questions to Trump criminalize politics, politicize law or make legitimate inquiries? //Dem Rep Maxine Waters says Kanye West should shut up about liking Trump and that he “talks out of...

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