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SUBJECTS: Some Republicans call for Trump to classify NYC terrorist & Uzbekistani national Sayfullo Saipov an enemy combatant – will Trump do so? //Clinton & DNC exposed for asking Russians for dirt on Trump & then funding the fictional “Trump-Dossier” they denied having backed? //Fmr Acting DNC Chair Brazil admits Clinton Campaign & DNC rigged Hillary’s nomination – have they lost moral authority amongst their own? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Uzbekistani-US resident Saipov kills 8 & injures 11 with truck in NYC yelling “Allahu Akbar” – will Dems scream for more ‘truck control’? //Dems cry ‘look at team Trump-Russian collusion’ while Repubs cry ‘look at Obama-sanctioned Russian Corruption’ – why not investigate both? //Sen McCain blasts Trump over the same wall the Arizonian supported in his own political ads for President – hypocrisy or brain cancer? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: As Special Counsel Mueller’s indictments are announced, should his own heavily documented conflict-of-interest be addressed with firing? //Will Congress use its Inherent Contempt Powers to better leverage witnesses when examining FBI evidence of Obama-era Russian corruption? //Should we remove images of G Washington because of a slave-owning past any more than we would American-Indian Chiefs for the same reason? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Leftwing media not so eager to report on real collusion- between Fusion GPS, Clinton campaign, and DNC to produce the “Trump Dossier” //After years of corking Congress, GOP Senators Corker and Flake flake out while blaming Trump for their timely retirement. Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: An FBI informant is now free to testify that team-Obama concealed Russian corruption before granting them 20 % of our uranium – “Ruh-Roh” //Clinton & DNC are caught falsely denying they financed Fusion GPS’s anti-Trump “Dossier” & they broke campaign finance laws in the process //AP reports GOP Senators rally behind Trump saying “good riddance” to his attackers, exiting GOP Senators Flake & Corker – what’s next? Listen Live: Share us...

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