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SUBJECTS: Why doesn’t President Trump use his unquestionable constitutional powers to compel the DOJ and FBI to fork over the unredacted documents demanded by Congress concerning their employees’ misbehavior? //Why doesn’t...

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SUBJECTS: The Left loses after the Supreme Court upholds Trump’s Travel Ban and removes Public Union’s ability to force dues from non-members – what are the implications? //Justice Kennedy announces his...

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SUBJECTS: SCOTUS siding with Trump’s Travel Ban triggers dissenters claiming the majority ignored Trump’s campaign rhetoric – but that same group was fine with SCOTUS saving Obamacare by calling it a tax when Obama’s...

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SUBJECTS: Rep. Waters, maybe realizing border separation polls are against her, demands supporters lash out with Nazi tactics against the Trump Admin… for enacting policies from Obama’s Admin supported by the liberal 9th...

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SUBJECTS: As Rep Maxine Waters and the Left adopt Nazi-like tactics while calling those they attack Nazis, perhaps now is the time to remind them of two things: There are 300 million guns in this country, AND they’re not...

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