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SUBJECTS: Trump is still getting flak for jettisoning the Iran-nuke deal despite citing the verifiably salient flaws that comprised it – what’s next? //Trump announces direct denuclearization talks with North Korea...

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SUBJECTS: Trump dumps junk Iran Deal- Left says his reasons are total bunk //Clinton still not accepting fault for 2016 loss, recently blamed media supporters and threw those that voted for her under the bus with unqualified...

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SUBJECTS: Trump withdraws from Iran-nuke deal defying allies while putting the US first – just how flawed were the compliance standards driving his decision? //Trump got most of what he wanted from the four GOP primaries...

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SUBJECTS: What does Trump dumping the Iran-nuke deal mean – perhaps that we’re no longer the suckers we were when first embracing it? //We’ll discuss the cataclysmic flaws of the Iran-nuke deal and why...

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