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SUBJECTS: North Korea’s nuclear blast test was 7 times what the US dropped on Hiroshima as our Sec-of-Def threatens to annihilate them – what’s next? //NJ Sen Democrat Robert Menendez is on trial for multiple corruption charges – what legislative advantages does this present to the GOP? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS:  Grassley & Graham of Sen Judiciary Comm say evidence shows Comey decided NOT to charge Hillary Clinton 2 months before ending investigation //SPLC commits racism in the name of fighting it by falsely labeling 10 Army bases as Confederate monuments and calling for their removal //Budget debate will be strongly influenced by Harvey – which GOP & Democrat agendas (e.g., Wall, Planned Parenthood) will take a back seat? Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Trump’s fire and fury towards the media leaves them in hysterics! //Trump Admin still plagued by Obama’s Iran legacy- what can be done? //Will Trump’s threat to shutdown government over border wall help or hurt border security reforms? //BLMLouisville leader Helm commits racism in the name of fighting it by demanding whites give up their property because of their skin color. Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Trump’s war against the media and the establishment of both parties //Trump’s threat to shut down the government unless he gets funding for the wall is one he can deliver – how will Congress react? //And, can anything be done to change Obama’s disastrous Iran-nuke deal? Share us...

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SUBJECTS: WSJ Editor chastises correspondents for their “selective criticism” when reporting on Trump – will other mainstream outlets follow? //The Hill reports Trump’s threat to shut down the gov’t unless he gets funding for “the wall” is now seen as real – bad or about time? Listen Live: Share us...

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