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SUBJECTS: Illegal Immigration, the backwardness of “Birth Right Citizenship” and the press-assisted Left’s functionally illiterate demonizing of all who want to correct both. Listen Live:...

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SUBJECTS: Media blames Trump for Sayoc’s dud pipe bombs to Dem leaders (because he insulted them after being insulted by them), and for Bowers’s massacre of Jews at Tree of Life (because he called thousands openly...

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SUBJECTS: Trump derided by gun-control Left after saying an armed guard vs gun control might have averted the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh even as an armed dad proves his point taking down a mass shooter...

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SUBJECTS: As the 12th faux pipe bomb is delivered to yet another Democrat, a 50 year old male suspect has been arrested in Florida – what will we learn about his motive? //The caravan of future illegals drops from 8,000 to...

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SUBJECTS: Media blames Trump for violent rhetoric triggering dud pipe bombs sent to Democratic leaders while giving a pass to the violent and bullying rhetoric of Rep Waters (D-CA), fmr Obama Atty-Gen Eric Holder, Sen Tim Kaine...

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