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SUBJECTS: Woodward’s past inaccurate quotations haunt the credibility of his latest book against Trump as multiple folks debunk his quoting of them in “FEAR” – what’s next? //Liberals widely called...

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SUBJECTS: Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska with strong collaborative ties to Mueller was represented by Trump Dossier author Christopher Steele in conversations with Obama’s Assoc Deputy Atty General Bruce Ohr during the 2016...

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SUBJECTS: Are media & Democrats losing more than they’re gaining from their allegiance to Mueller’s investigation thanks to its repeatedly exposed bad-faith acts of bias-driven personnel? //Has Trump already won...

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SUBJECTS: Inspector General for the Intelligence Community warned in 2015 that China accessed Clinton’s emails during her entire service as Sec-of-State – why did fired FBI Dir Comey ignore these violations before...

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SUBJECTS: Michael Cohen’s lawyer (Lanny Davis) admits to lying to CNN about Cohen witnessing Trump Jr telling his father in advance about the much hyped Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer – Scooby says...

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