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SUBJECTS: Activists conflate “illegal-immigrants” & “immigrants” so that opposing the 1st can be mocked as bigotry against the 2nd – bad faith or functional illiteracy? //Dept of Justice’s Inspector General will soon...

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SUBJECTS: Hillary Clinton visits India and blames the Trump voters for her loss in 2016. #1, Duh!; #2, Were they supposed to get her permission? //Sec-of-State Tillerson gets the sack while CIA Dir Pompeo takes over and Gina...

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SUBJECTS: CBC Democrats defend racist anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan while claiming to oppose racism and anti-Semitism – is this hypocrisy or premature senility? //Atty-Gen Sessions warns of Federal Judges committing tyranny...

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SUBJECTS: Liberal mainstream media praises Trump’s progress on now-expected direct North Korea talks after earlier decrying his strategy – why? //Sen Harris (D-CA) tells MSNBC that making California obey US’s...

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SUBJECTS: NYT Nat’l Sec Reporter David Sanger says Trump “deserves enormous credit” for NKorea’s willingness to talk about abandoning its nuclear weapons – what’s next? //White House is suing...

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