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SUBJECTS: H Clinton & the DNC paid for the fabricated “Dossier” of ugly Russia-Trump links as the FBI knowingly gave it false credence – what’s next? //Exiting GOP Sens Flake & Corker hit Trump for leading angry voices against their inertia as if the 1st is worse than the 2nd – sour grapes? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Harvard-Harris Poll shows GOP want Sen Majority Leader McConnell out – will he now drop the filibuster that’s killing him AND the country? //Despite Trump’s feud with GOP Senate leadership, he’s meeting them for lunch about tax reform – will TUMS be the entree or a side dish? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: WH Chief of Staff Gen Kelly fumbles a wrongful fact about Rep Frederica Wilson while exposing her greater ones about Trump – what’s next? //House joins Senate probe into Obama-era Russian corruption preceding his sale of 20% of our uranium to Moscow – will it be real? //Fmr Pres Carter says Russia didn’t steal our election, media is bias against Trump & players should stand during national anthem – huh? Listen Live: Share us...

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WH Chief of Staff Gen Kelly rightfully humiliates Dem FL Rep Wilson for politicizing Trump’s “sacred” call to the mother of a fallen soldier //The Obama-era Russian-corruption bombshell story is finally getting some traction – but will the guilty receive their ‘just deserts’? //Bush & Obama loudly bemoan the very condition of the US they created while intimating that it’s all Trump’s fault – is their gall on crack? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Why is the FBI OPENLY hiding information in the Russian nuclear corruption case occurring in Obama’s term by blocking its own agent? Listen Live: Share us...

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