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SUBJECTS: Dems lose their cookies because they couldn’t stop the Trump-GOP Tax Bill’s passage despite polls primed with their disinformation – but even the WashPost now admits “the tax bill is likely to become more popular” – we’ll explain why. //How much more evidence of documented operational bias on Mueller’s team must be exposed before said exposed bias irreparably derails his investigation’s legitimacy? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: GOP Tax Cut Bill wins big while Dems tweet-condemn it for raising taxes on “most middle class families” despite even the Washington Post giving that claim “Four Pinocchios” last month – what happens when families find out Dems lied just to drive down the bill’s support? //A 1987 Supreme Court ruling (and others) show Mueller violated the Trump Transition Team’s 4th Amend Rights by seizing their emails without a warrant and the team’s use of government computers doesn’t nullify those rights. Listen Live: Share us...

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Jane Silk Guest Host — SUBJECTS: Anti-Trump Strzok struck from Mueller’s team where anti-Trump bias reigns supreme- why? //Bad-faith tax reform arguments tax the public’s patience. Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Now the Trump Transition Team has precedence to show Special Counsel Mueller was not entitled to their documents without a warrant because the DOJ (citing the Supreme Court) regards them as “personal files” protected by the 4th Amendment – what’s next? //The GOP Tax Bill is finished with the House-Senate Conference Committee and now goes back to each chamber for an up or down vote – can it still pass without the convalescing Sen McCain? //Bloomberg reports that bureaucrats are deliberately working against the electorate’s chosen agenda as represented by Trump – isn’t that tyranny – and if it is, what might be the harsh consequences for these law-breaking government employees? Listen Live: Share us...

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SUBJECTS: Harvard-Harris Poll shows most in US say Mueller has a conflict of interest regarding his investigation of alleged ‘Team-Trump Russian Collusion,’ – duh?? //GOP Senators Rubio of FL and Lee of UT now oppose the very Sen Tax Bill for which they’ve already voted – is this just more grandstanding hypocrisy serving the political class still smarting from its comeuppance after the 2016 Election of Trump? Listen Live: Share us...

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