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SUBJECTS: Judge Kavanaugh accuser Prof Ford demands he testify before she does which nonsensically ignores that accusation must always precede defense otherwise there’s no baseline “under-oath claim” to which...

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SUBJECTS: Kavanaugh accuser makes her testimony contingent upon the FBI’s involvement – do ‘witness demands’ now get to supercede our Constitution’s Separation of Powers??? //Is Prof Ford lessening...

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SUBJECTS: Kavanaugh controversy continues as even the Left admits the timing, if not the substance, smacks of being a political ploy. //DOJ, FBI, and Dems unite in opposing transparency as Trump declassifies damaging FISA...

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SUBJECTS: House Intel Chair Rep Nunes says Trump’s declassifying of thus-far redacted Strzok-Page texts will show exculpatory evidence that helps Trump & exposes their own criminality – the DOJ, FBI & Dems...

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SUBJECTS: Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser from high school days is ready to testify, but will Christine Blasey Ford’s 11th hour non-witnessed 33 year old sexual attack claim be enough to preempt his confirmation? //Latest...

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SUBJECTS: Bob Woodward claims Trump officials disputing his book “FEAR” are scared of losing their jobs- is this truth or cliché? //Which narratives will withstand the swarm of FBI and DOJ documents Trump is seemingly on the...

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SUBJECTS: Left-wing colleagues & former co-workers share revelations surrounding Bob Woodward’s hostile relationship with accuracy as his anti-Trump book “FEAR” sets new sales records //Gallup shows that...

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SUBJECTS: Trump appears ready to un-redact DOJ and FBI files for which Republicans in Congress have been asking concerning FISA Warrant Applications, the Clinton email investigation, the Russian-probe, as well as more on Peter...

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SUBJECTS: Mainstream Media Reporters, Commentators & Analysts aren’t swaying folks against Trump as they once could have against others – why? //FACT: Recent Gallup Poll finds 57 percent of Democrats support...

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WOW! NJ Sen Cory Booker (D) is caught overtly lying out of his southern orifice claiming he was bravely violating Senate rules by releasing classified Kavanaugh documents already cleared before his claim – what’s next?...

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SUBJECTS: Woodward’s past inaccurate quotations haunt the credibility of his latest book against Trump as multiple folks debunk his quoting of them in “FEAR” – what’s next? //Liberals widely called...

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SUBJECTS: Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska with strong collaborative ties to Mueller was represented by Trump Dossier author Christopher Steele in conversations with Obama’s Assoc Deputy Atty General Bruce Ohr during the 2016...

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