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SUBJECTS: Despite their own multiple lies reported in the press, former intelligence community leaders Clapper & Brennan chastise Trump for doubting the truthfulness of that same community – who’s kidding whom? //AP...

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SUBJECTS: FBI Agent Peter Strzok angrily insists in Congressional testimony that we shouldn’t use his words as a guide to understanding his anti-Trump texts, but rather should accept what he meant to say but never did...

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SUBJECTS: ‘Overwhelm and devastate’ is the best tactic against the Left, but does the GOP have the mettle for that kind of politicking in the Midterm fight? //With Dems having too few members to stop Kavanaugh anyway, are Red...

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SUBJECTS: Norwegian Politician & current NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says it’s because of Trump’s “leadership” & “carried message” that NATO members have, “started...

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SUBJECTS: The best weapon the non-Left has against the Left is to unapologetically give it more than it takes it when exchanging in bare-knuckles politics leading up to the Midterms – but will they do so? //For all the...

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SUBJECTS: Trump picks Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Democrats say he’s a danger to Rov v Wade as they have claimed about every nominee from a GOP President since David Souter in 1990 – do they ever tire of sounding so...

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SUBJECTS: Is Roe V Wade really at risk when looking at Trump’s next SCOTUS pick OR is it a device for getting voters to the polls //Since the President can provably pardon and fire as he wishes, are politicians loudly...

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SUBJECTS: The Midterms are on the horizon – will Americans favor or reject the Left’s call for weakened border security, more Sanctuary Cities and not changing laws that separate families at the border so they may continue...

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SUBJECTS: Only the least informed (or most bad-faith) will argue that Trump is wrong for both criticizing the tariffs of allies against us and countering them with our own – since when are double-standards ever defensible?...

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SUBJECTS: Trump is gaining in polls and racking up verifiable victories despite media’s mounting criticism and the Left’s increasing rabid attacks – what’s going on? //Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen...

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SUBJECTS: Why doesn’t President Trump use his unquestionable constitutional powers to compel the DOJ and FBI to fork over the unredacted documents demanded by Congress concerning their employees’ misbehavior? //Why doesn’t...

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SUBJECTS: The Left loses after the Supreme Court upholds Trump’s Travel Ban and removes Public Union’s ability to force dues from non-members – what are the implications? //Justice Kennedy announces his...

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