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SUBJECTS:  Can the GOP parlay their shutdown-prevention victory into a desired 2-year budget while also solving the immigration debate, and what areas of give and take are genuinely attainable? //Coming soon to a telly or device...

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SUBJECTS: Mainstream media outlets New York Times, Bloomberg and AP actually reported that Democrats are more accountable for the shutdown than Republicans but the New York Times gets caught reversing that blame in their piece...

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SUBJECTS: We all hate government shutdowns, but are they ever as bad as they’re hyped since half of the federal workforce is categorized as “essential” and remain on the job? //There’s a House...

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SUBJECTS: Why does a general Quinnipiac poll give Obama more credit than Trump for the economy despite a Wall Street Journal poll of economists overwhelmingly giving it to Trump? //Trump’s alleged “shi*hole...

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SUBJECTS: Senators in meeting with Trump disagree over whether or not he referred to non-representative nations as “shi*hole countries” – who’s correct? //Why does the press collectively think that...

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SUBJECTS: CNN and their Left allies assert that Trump’s “shi*hole” comment against self-impoverishing dictatorial nations is a racist remark against the citizenry they oppress – do you agree with...

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SUBJECTS: Walmart joins the cavalcade of national corporations and small businesses announcing company-wide bonuses, raises and benefits, and they’re all citing the Tax Bill as the reason – is the poll-characterized “Ugly...

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SUBJECTS: Judge defies separation of powers by ruling that Trump can’t remove a previous president’s Executive Order (DACA) – is he playing with tyrannical behavior that could endanger his life? //President...

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SUBJECTS: Is Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” actually just “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”, as The Bard might put it? //DOJ and FBI must hand over all Russian-probe documents to Congress, and all of those documents...

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SUBJECTS: Despite Michael Wolff’s anti-Trump “Fire and Fury” prologue admitting that “many of the accounts….. are boldy untrue,” it’s still a top seller – does this hurt Trump or just...

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SUBJECTS: DOJ and FBI now forced to hand over all Russian-probe related documents to Congress that are free of redaction – what might we finally learn about bad-faith investigators driven by political bias at these two...

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SUBJECTS: ABC’s Martha Raddatz claims First Amendment only protects press, not speech, in her attacks on Trump for his criticisms of false reporting. //FBI facing intense scrutiny as Inspector General and Congressional...

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