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SUBJECTS: ABC’s Jonathan Karl says the Mueller Probe will be “anti-climactic”- what Olympic-level of mental gymnastics will this provoke from Democrats? //Brexit opponents demand a second referendum in hopes its troubles scared...

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SUBJECTS: We’ll discuss how those making assertions of racism without premise are actually committing racism in the name of fighting it //The Gov’t Shutdown continues with Trump ready to give some ground but Pelosi...

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SUBJECTS: Legendary Attorney and severe Trump critic (Andrew McCarthy) professionally and academically skewers the FBI, DOJ and Mueller over their bias handling of the Russian Probe against the President – what’s...

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The Alan Nathan Show – Kathleen Antrim will be filling-in for Alan while he is on assignment. SUBJECTS: Democrats bet their reputation against President Trump on the shutdown and the Mueller Probe- will they win big or...

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SUBJECTS: Polls in the aggregate for 2018 supported Trump’s immigration policies, yet recent Left-based polls work to ignore that- why? //Will defiant Dems compromise with Trump, or will he be forced to invoke the National...

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SUBJECTS: Despite Democrats PROVABLY funding Walls for other countries in Foreign Aid packages, they continue denying it to their own citizens while prolonging the Gov’t Shutdown – is it best they avoid dark alleys...

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SUBJECTS: Trump’s Oval address on the urgent need for interspersed Walls to enhance Border Security was rejected by Democrats as a manufactured emergency – will Trump use The National Emergencies Act of 1976 to bypass...

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SUBJECTS: The Hill falsely presents a Harvard Poll as if respondents want more compromise from Trump than Democrats on Government Shutdown over dispute concerning interspersed Walls at the US-Mexican Border – Why? //As...

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SUBJECTS: Dem Reps Rashida Tlaib of MI & Hank Johnson of TX (referring to Trump as “motherf*#ker” & “Hitler”), are carriers of a diseased and virulent mindset in politics that appears...

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SUBJECTS: Trump wants a 5 billion increase in Border Security for interspersed Walls on the Mexican Border while Dems will only give 1.3 with none permitted for Walls. This exposes the gov’t shutdown as being more about...

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SUBJECTS: The AP reports that despite Democrat’s depiction of Trump as anti-Immigrant, Latino support for the GOP remains unwavering at 32% in all polls including theirs – why? //WSJ reports that the Wash...

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SUBJECTS: Trump proves Pelosi & Schumer wrong over whether or not the House had the votes for The Wall as Representatives pass a budget with the 5 billion he requested – what’s next? //Trump renews his call to...

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