SUBJECTS: Commentators (& previous guests on this show) Kirsten Powers and A. B. Stoddard marginalize themselves as the 1st calls Trump voters racists while the 2nd calls the GOP a party of only white men – since when do claims become acceptable replacements for grounds in argument? //Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley asks DOJ & FBI why legally recognized whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain’s home was raided – was it because he handed over incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton to Congress that was provably ignored by then FBI Dir Bob Mueller? //Despite Michael Cohen’s plea deal, Mueller’s Russian Probe still shows no “Trump-Collusion” and functionally cannot demonstrate obstruction of justice – what’s next? //After thousands of Caravan Asylum Seekers have resulted in forced rushes to the border causing injury and death to patrol personnel, has Trump won the broader border security argument? Listen Live:

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