SUBJECTS: House Select Intel Chair Adam Schiff is caught red-handed coordinating with alleged Whistleblower before being sent to the Intel Community’s IG Atkinson’s and then lying about it after the fact – what punishment should be inflicted upon him? //Dem-led House PROVABLY violates all precedent by claiming they’ve met the standard of an Impeachment Inquiry to access documents while not having actually held a House-wide vote – what follows? //The Dem-led House argument against Trump is that shared corruption investigations between nations become illegal once they unearth politicians from their side of the aisle – are they high, drunk or senile? //Dem-led House doesn’t hold House-wide vote on Impeachment Inquiry so as to deny the GOP Minority Party subpoena powers necessary for the Trump Administration to mount a defense with countering witnesses – what will the Electorate think? Listen Live:

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