SUBJECTS: Former Obama National Security Advisor Gen James Jones joins Obama’s former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson in his support for Trump’s killing of Soleimani – how difficult do these backings make it for most Democrats claiming that Trump was reckless? //Paid Bernie Sanders Field Organizer Kyle Jurek threatens bloody consequences if Sanders doesn’t win the nomination, and fascistically supports violence against Trump supporters whom he groundlessly calls fascist – isn’t Jurek a bit like a skunk calling the other guy stinky? //The 6 person Democrat Debate in Des Moines shows Warren winning by losing last in her biting exchange with Sanders over his alleged comment to her saying a woman couldn’t beat Trump – what are the takeaways? //As Democrats finally hand over the Impeachment Articles to the Senate, has their already dwindling credibility dwindled that much more by having delayed that which they first said had to be rushed? Listen Live: