SUBJECTS: New jobs jump to 273K while unemployment drops to 3.5 – how will those stats fare next month when the coronavirus is more fully factored in? //Failed Dem Primary Candidate Sen Warren and Speaker Pelosi blame misogyny for her poor showing, but doesn’t that mean they’re calling their fellow Democrats sexists since her rejection was at their own party’s hands? //Given the very low fatality rate among those with the coronavirus, will that fact eventually be understood by enough people to sooth the spooked markets? //Currently Biden leads Sanders in the Primaries by approximately 76 delegates (626-551) with 32 states remaining – does Bernie still have a chance in the race for 1991 before the Dems’ Milwaukee Convention? //What should happen to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer following his threats of intimidation against SCOTUS Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and would he have moral authority to complain about similar threats directed at him? Listen Live: