SUBJECTS: 6.4 million more reported out of work, but won’t those numbers reverse as quickly as they fell once Covid-19 is behind us – after all, why wouldn’t the strongest economy prior the virus also be the strongest one afterwards? //What are some of the more promising treatments and potential cures for Covid-19, and why are states that were originally opposing hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin now onboard with them? //The hard-Left ramps up condemning Trump’s Coronavirus management as a way to counter-balance his rising poll numbers over it, but is there a backfire risk given the jump in high profile Democrats who are also praising his response? //Fmr Obama Campaign Mgr David Plouffe points to Biden’s trailing enthusiasm gap with Trump while suggesting that conventions be virtual, debates be in studio & General Election voting be done by “mail-in” – but is that last one acceptable given the increased risk of fraud? Listen Live: