SUBJECTS: Trump calls out the WHO for its verifiable enabling of China’s Covid-19 cover-up and is threatened by its Director “with body bags” – is it time to measure the Director for one of his own? //Democrats urinate on the American people by again wanting to use our Covid-19 emergency as leverage for getting things they wouldn’t otherwise have the numbers to pass – what the hell happened to my old party? //Trump exercises his constitutional prerogative to fire multiple Inspectors General from previous Administrations while Democrats call those actions a “disregard for the rule of law” – Newsflash: If it’s constitutional, it’s legal! //And we’ll take a look at NIAID Dir Dr. Fauci recently schooling CNN’s Acosta for trying to manipulate a sound bite against Trump over Covid-19 – are the reporter’s knuckles now as “red” as his agenda? Listen Live: