SUBJECTS: Could two conventions be more opposite? Smug, preening celebrities telling us what we are supposed to want but who have no actual exposure to or respect for the average people they play on TV vs. average people telling us what they want plus their real and heroic stories. //Is the propaganda media so morally bankrupt that they are willing to plot putting the blame on Donald Trump for the wholesale destruction of our greatest cities that they incited and then ignored? Listen to Don Lemon and you be the judge. //Christians are currently the main targets of religious persecution by socialist Democrats, so why are some churches rolling over? Are they on their way to becoming government churches? (and then, no churches at all?) //Remember when masks were voluntary? In many places they’re mandatory but bureaucrats are still trying to persuade us that it’s “for our own good.” Will the same thing happen with vaccines? Voluntary first, mandatory later? Karen Kataline is filling-in for Alan while he is on assignment. Listen Live: