SUBJECTS: Falling apart spectacularly right now is The Atlantic’s story about Trump allegedly calling our WWII vets “losers” and “suckers” when cancelling a visit to Aisne-Marne US Military Cemetery & Memorial in France – what’s next? //Fmr VP Joe Biden claims that he too wants the violent protesters to stop, but is undercut by his campaign caught in contributing to bail-out funds for the most vicious among them – what should we believe? //A rental truck dumps thousands of US Postal mail in a California parking lot raising yet more alarms about the threatened integrity of mail-in ballots – what should happen? //Trump axes the Fed’s “Critical Race Theory Training” ending a racist program camouflaged as one that ostensibly fights racism – why was it ever permitted? //Muslim Activist & NYU Physician (Dr Qanta Ahmed) says both MSNBC’s Joy Reid & Rep Ilhan Omar are shamefully demeaning Islam by advantaging bigoted Islamists through censorship of dissent & the monolithic conflation of Muslim voices – is she correct? Listen Live: