SUBJECTS: Delaware’s Natural History Museum excitedly hosted Joe Biden’s recent address – was that because it was the very first speech given by one of its own exhibits? //US Federal District Judge William Hickman IV rules against PA Gov Tom Wolf’s Wuhan-Virus shutdown rules as “unconstitutional” saying they violate both the 1st & 14th Amendments – what’s the likely fallout or gain? //Since the Left’s mantra of “Defund-the-Police” evolved into “Kill-the-Police,” the polls have turned against them on this issue – is that why the Dem-led House cancelled its hearing on alleged “white supremacy” in our nation’s police forces? //Dem faves Drs Fauci and Redfield of the WH Coronavirus Task Force robustly defend Trump against Bob Woodward’s depiction of him not being straight with the American people on the risks – how quickly does this latest manufactured scandal last? Listen Live: