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Alan’s Blog, May 11

SUMMARY OF MANIPULATIONS SURROUNDING RUSSIAN COLLUSION INVESTIGATION There were bad-faith grounds to the Russian-Collusion investigation from the start.  Now-demoted FBI Agent Peter Strzok launches the investigation based on a...

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It’s Your Money Dummies…

April was best month in history for U.S. budget, according to CBO figures — By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times “The federal government took in a record tax haul in April en route to its biggest-ever...

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Silk Summary Part 2 , 5-9-18

Got love the New York Times for it’s biased, not always fact filled information. “Primary elections in four Republican-leaning states rattled Congress on Tuesday night, as voters ejected a sitting member of the House...

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Silk Summary 5-9-18

I find it ironic that the Democrats don’t even know their own, truly. They were hoping that the New York State AG Eric Schneiderman was going to bring down Donald Trump. “As Tucker Carlson noted, [ in 2013] in the...

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