Inside & Outside of Network | English AND Spanish

We ensure quality service for dollars spent and represent programming both inside and outside of Main Street Radio Network. Accordingly, we’re in a unique position to provide tailored audience levels of national reach when advancing our clients’ products and services. Some require coast-to-coast advertising while others prefer a more focused regional and/or demographic penetration. Let us illustrate how we can exceed your goals.

For our advertising clients, we offer you packages entailing however many listeners, or “ears,” best meet your demands (or your own clients’ demands). For some, 10 million are enough to satisfy a campaign’s likely targets while for others, 20 to 30 million would be more practical. Regardless of the plan most suitable to your cost-to-benefit ratio needs, we provide unparalleled flexibility in securing the strategy that most effectively accommodates even the most complex multi-tiered projects.

In short, if you’re selling a product that requires hitting specific demographics in certain regions in one month, but then must be incrementally expanded to other demographics and regions in the next, then we’ll do precisely that – complete with all the required proofs of performance.

Production and voice-over services: We provide whatever creative writing, producing and voicing is necessary for successfully resonating with those customers targeted as most naturally disposed to the goods and services being promoted. (For those with their own existing audio materials, we’re happy to use them as well – or we can re-package those materials in a fashion that better facilitates your needs.

Endorsements: Additionally, should you require a specific host endorsement (inside or outside the Main Street Radio Network’s cadre of talent), we’ll work to secure those personalities on your behalf.

Television Promotions: Clients interested in both radio and television promotion components also need look no further. For certain campaigns, there are times when each compliments and strengthens the other. Alongside you, we’ll help ensure that only the most cost-effective strategy is implemented when crafting such a goal.

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