Ad Representation

Inside & Outside of Network | English AND Spanish

We ensure quality service for dollars spent and represent programming both inside and outside of Main Street Radio Network.  Accordingly, we’re in a unique position to provide tailored audience levels of national reach when advancing our clients’ products and services.  Some require coast-to-coast advertising while others prefer a more focused regional and/or demographic penetration.  Let us illustrate how we can exceed your goals.


Our daily programming offers The Alan Nathan Show from 5-7pm (drivetime) and 2-4am (overnights), in addition to Saturdays from 6-7pm and Sundays 3-4am ET. Our gathering weekend programming is quite formidable with entertaining and experienced talent.  These are independent producers and hosts who come to us for both a new home and a new mission – one that’s grounded in our “commitment to you” statement as referenced on the homepage.

OPPORTUNITY: Are you a veteran host or an aspiring one? If you have a professional track record in a valid expertise, have a close look to see if we’re the right fit for you. Click here!


When it comes to addressing the needs and concerns of GMs and PDs, our service is second to none – contact MSRN Projects Manager Joseph Patterson.

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