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Main Street Radio Network is a boutique network of selected nationally syndicated shows. It’s also an advertising rep-firm offering our clients access to millions of listeners via a multitude of programs both inside and outside the Main Street Radio Network line-up.

Whether it’s our programming, advertising or affiliate relations services, we are on a mission to exceed the expectations of each and every listener, sponsor and radio outlet. Our team brings decades of multi-media experience and is passionately dedicated to the kind of uncompromising excellence too often forgotten in today’s sagging work ethic.

So, if you’re a listener who longs for the days when radio could surprise you, check out both our daily and weekend entertainment. If you miss any on the dial, you can still enjoy them all through our podcasting.

If you’re a sponsor on the hunt for hassle-free service that provides the most people reached for the least dollars spent, let us illustrate how we can do that for you.

Finally, if you’re a GM or PD interested in talk programming that consistently entertains your demographics, rest assure that our award-winning broadcasters respect your airways and understand that if you’re not selling to your local clients, we’re not doing our jobs.


Jane Silk

Jane Silk



Before having founded Main Street Radio Network with her husband, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Alan Nathan, Jane had been both a national host and head of Business Development at Radio America. With business and broadcast expertise (armed with commercial and Arbitron success), she’s packing more independent power than the law should allow.

As the former host of Behind the Headlines, News You Can Use and later co-host of Cullum and Silk, Jane challenged, analyzed and (when circumstances permitted) celebrated the daily news affecting us all. Additionally, because of an enriched business history, she has maintained an all-encompassing grasp of the radio industry that leaves most in her path struggling to keep pace.

Her Full Bio here.

Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler


Phone: 214-281-8473
Fax: 214-341-5606

Mike Tyler brings more than 30 years experience in the broadcast industry to Broadcast Affiliate Sales. Mike has been a speaker at many broadcast conventions, visited more than 1000 radio stations and was elected to the National Association of Broadcaster Board of Directors.

Mike helped build the first 24 hour radio network, Satellite Music Network. Mike became the top salesperson at Satellite Music Network and developed one of the most successful formats in the network history “The Touch”.

Mike helped Jones Radio Networks go from 4 affiliates to more than 1000. Mike developed joint ventures between Jones Radio Network “Z- Spanish Network”, “The Team” with Bob Costas and developed “CD Country”.

Mike was marketing consultant for Digital Courier International a commercial delivery system over ISDN lines. Digital Courier signed 5000 radio stations to use their delivery system in 18 months.

Mike understands the network industry and the radio industry he will help your business increase revenues and reduce expenses.

Joseph Patterson

Joseph Patterson

Projects Manager and co-host of the “Silk Or Joe Show”

Phone: 703-978-0600

As Projects Manager his duties cover both the business and show sides of the company. His business functions include client interactions, assembling radio packages and associated materials, scheduling, research, and product optimization.

As for shows, he books guests and provides audio clips, select social media functions, and now serves as co-host of the “Silk Or Joe Show” as well as occasional guest host for “The Alan Nathan Show”.

Joe came to us in 2014, right out of college, after interning with us for a year, as well as interning with WTKR Channel 3 in Norfolk, VA and serving as a DJ for George Mason University’s internet radio station.