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Silk Summary: Arizona

It’s a pity the citizens Representatives of Arizona, Maricopa County, can’t seem to adhere to fair, free, elections. It’s not the only State that has that problem. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan are others. ...

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The Poisoning of the American Mind

Karen Kataline It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the broad cultural values which we once thought were self-evident and on which we have previously relied are being destroyed. In their place, are their direct opposites....

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Silk Summary: Charles Barkley

Bravo for Charles Barkley, former basketball star, for calling out anyone who thinks those who questions the fairness, accuracy of our elections has ground and loads of standing! People from ALL walks of life question our last...

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In Praise of Non-conformity

Karen Kataline All my life, I have railed against conformity and superficiality.  I’ve never been a fan of superficial non-conformity either. Think of the stunningly conformist, ‘non-conformity’ of the sixties. Communism...

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Silk Summary: Machines vs Paper

If you scroll down below, you will see the countries that vote with machines/technology and the ones that don’t. Paper ballots give citizens a secure feeling that their votes count. You can’t hack them, alter or...

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Nifty Over Fifty

When you live long enough, you get to see things, not necessarily good stuff happens, over and over again and wonder why people can be SO dense. We get to see it happen in real time! Just look at the toilet that is now...

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From the Desk of Alan Nathan

If PA Lt Gov John Fetterman wins the Senate race over Dr Mehmet Oz, PA residents shall become a laughing stock for having knowingly voted for a guy who can’t fulfill the most important duty in a deliberative body –...

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Silk Summary: The New Mom

Is this the new norm? Lying your way to office or while in office? If we haven’t had enough examples of needing Term Limits in the last decade or more, I don’t know what else we need to show how much it’s...

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Silk Summary: Laugh-In

Thanks, Captain, for passing this on! Once again, Rich has hit it out of the park!   “Laugh-In This was a great show back in the late 1960’s. If you catch reruns on late night cable TV, you see that we are still...

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