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Silk Summary 7/12/2024

Silk Summary: Boy does our government need a SPRING CLEANING! From top to bottom. We know there is over $500 Billion per year wasted on fraudulent spending. That figure some say is grossly understated! When you have agencies...

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Silk Summary 7/11/2024

Silk Summary: “The right treats him like he’s retarded. They deal in cheap fakes, misinformation and disinformation. Here is the truth.” If you leave to the White House, we are ALL [anyone who is not a lunatic...

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Silk Summary 7/8/2024

Silk Summary: If anyone should be in jail it is this joke of a president! America realizes how he and his cabal have used the federal law enforcement and the DOJ to indict their political opponent with manufactured evidence so...

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Silk Summary 7/5/2024

Silk Summary: Yes, as the first line of this article says, we celebrated our freedoms on the 4th, but unlike any other day, it feels like we have been herded like sheep. Look at the lockdowns and mandates. Nothing is quite the...

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Silk Summary 7/4/2024

Silk Summary: People are tired of not having their voices heard! Our last election, the FEC said at least 3 million illegals voted in our election. Those are the ones they know about! The deceit in ballot harvesting and...

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Silk Summary 6/19/2024

Silk Summary: Listening to the likes of Zuckerburg, Bezos, Gates who all have to play, whose is bigger, talk about climate change, reducing the world population, so as to have enough resources so they can live in excess is...

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Silk Summary 6/18/2024

Silk Summary: Seems Biden is losing support among the Black community, and it was Obama who was also lacking in reaching out to those folks who constantly help put him and his favorites in office, time and time again. Support...

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Silk Summary 6/17/2024

Silk Summary: A far cry from it what it used to be under the former leadership of the RNC. It seems that mostly all Rona McDaniel’s did during her tenure was give herself a makeover for her future jobs. She was nowhere...

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Silk Summary 6/14/2024

Silk Summary: As the world, UN debate the attacks of October 7th, 2023, with some saying it was genocide and war crimes in Gaza that Israel perpetrated by defending themselves and retaliating against such brutality, many are...

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Silk Summary 6/13/2024

Silk Summary: Karma is such a BITCH! The democRATS had it all worked out. They would secure the conviction of Trump in any of the trials, no matter what, and it will make the people realize he is a corrupt, sick, individual!...

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Silkl Summary 6/11/2024

Silk Summary: If you live in these five states, then you have a major problem with your drinking water. Other states as well have issues with public utilities water, but the 5 Blue states listed here, is something everyone...

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