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Silk Summary: Rabid Lefties

This is what rabid Lefties do when someone disagrees with their failed logic, their no facts reporting, statements, they insult, they boycott, they commit violence! They created a ‘cancel culture’, which maybe, if we...

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Silk Summary: Breaking

BREAKING!!! Wait till he gives Dennis Montgomery, CIA whistleblower, freedom from his gag order. He’s the guy who ratted on the ALL the bad actors, including Obama, regarding Hammer and the program Scorecard!...

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Silk Summary:

This country will not be taken over by Left Wing Extremist. They will not be able to steal this election or country! Let’s see if this video I was sent through some of our sources will stay up!...

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From MSRN Projects Manager Joe- Now we have the trifecta! I showed last night how Democrat House Speaker and incoming Democrat President made violent, provocative, impeachable statements and now we have a flashback to the...

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Historic January, 2021

 Karen Kataline It’s difficult to recognize extraordinary when you’re living in it. Anyone who is the least bit curious about which way this country will go is eagerly, anxiously, or fearfully looking forward to Wednesday,...

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Concede? Surrender? Really?

Karen Kataline After the US Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas case citing a “lack of standing,” a few more Republicans are calling for Trump to concede. Some are even people we know and love. Apart from corrupt Republicans...

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