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Alan Nathan – 11/23/21

SUBJECTS: Biden’s Build-Back-Better plan approved by the House thankfully faces an already built-up wall in the Senate – will it hold? //The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict of “not guilty” is still making the Left media nuts with its...

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Silk Summary: Tone Deaf

What a super way of putting it! No wonder they are tone deaf!

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Silk Summary: From the Epoch Time

Facts Matter (Nov. 15): Letter From CDC Admits They Have ZERO Record of Naturally Immune People Transmitting Virus   After a year of debate on the topic of natural immunity, there has been a new development.   According to a...

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Silk Or Joe Show Co-Host Joe

Meanwhile, they are testing vaccines on infants in preparation for the infant mandate. So we know the government is giving them billions, but what is Moderna giving from that back to the politicians under the table? We know the...

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Silk Summary: Lamestream Media

The problem with the lamestream media these days, they don’t want to show stories that show certain politicians, individuals, in a bad light, especially if they belong to the Lunatic Left! It used to be that journalism was...

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Silk Summary: The truth?

Isn’t a shame we used to be able to get the truth from sites like PolitiFact or Snoops, but since Snoops has become a George Soros company, there goes veracity, out the window!   Read this and you will understand how...

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The Buffett Rule

Silk from the Silk or Joe Show: Not the biggest fan of everything Warren Buffet, BUT this makes total sense!!!!! READ IT, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! The BUFFETT Rule Let’s see what people pressure is all about. Salary of...

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Silk Summary: The Russian Hoax

Seems the Russian Hoax was just that! A third person arrested for the phony Steele Dossier! It just proves just how far the Democrats will go to cheat their way to a win!

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Nifty Over Fifty!

We grew up questioning, not blindly believing! All these generation X, Y, Z’s and whatever else you want to call the young, up coming generations, have to learn to not follow because it’s cool or the “it”...

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