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Silk Summary 6-18-19

It seems, the State Department yesterday revealed it found 23 violations, ‘multiple security incidents’, regarding Hillary Clinton emails! According to the report; “To this point, the Department has assessed...

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Alan’s Blog 6-14-19

THE HILL writes: That resolution also gave committee chairmen more legal powers in enforcing subpoenas. That opens the door for Cummings to go straight to a group of top lawmakers for permission to request a court order to...

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Silk Summary 6-14-19

It is quite funny to see the President toying with the Left, the Trump Haters and the news media! The Mueller Report showed, Trump was offered dirt, but didn’t accept it. Now he says “I think I take it”,...

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Silk Summary 6-14-19

Good Old Plagiarizing Joe! He just can’t help himself. He caught ‘foot in mouth disease’ early in his career and he can’t seem to ever shake it off! Former VP Biden, plays fast and loose with history!...

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Alan’s Blog 6-13-19

The Left is still apoplectic over Trump refusing to rebuke North Korea’s Kim Jong-un after he insulted Joe Biden’s lacking intellect. But let’s get real here. Not disagreeing with Kim when he says Biden is...

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Silk Summary 6-12-19

Do as I say and not as I do, seems to be the mantra of the Left these days. Revelations have come to the surface over the last few days about the ethics of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. She is quick to site what she perceives as...

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Silk Summary 6-11-19

It seems the Democrats haven’t totally understood the lessons from the past. When former President Bill Clinton was impeached in the Congress, those Republicans who went along with it, were voted out, for the most part the...

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Silk Summary 6/10/19

Part of the reason Hillary Clinton lost the previous President election and the others, before 2016 is, she is NOT relatable, nice, or cares, about anyone below a certain income scale! She didn’t campaign in the States...

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Silk Summary 6-6-19

As part of the Green New Deal, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says would overhaul U.S. energy use, reduce carbon emissions and create new jobs. “We can put so many people to work. We need to refit so many pipes. We need to re-lay...

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Silk Summary 5-16-19

It seems the Democrats, no matter what has transpired over the last couple of years, with the phony dossier and the Mueller Investigation, would be a bit more circumspect about jumping off a cliff that has no safety net!...

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Alan’s Blog 5-13-19

Juan Williams has a piece in The Hill entitled, “Trump’s Scorecard is Rife with Losses.” Actually Juan, and I’m being gentle because I’ve had you on the program multiple times, you’re provably...

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It’s Your Money Dummies

Is it any wonder Americans are upset with our government and how they treat their citizens? And the way the scales of justice is blind, to those who constantly rub our noses in the fact they commit acts that would land the...

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