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Silk Summary: Secure???

Americans should be MAD! This was far from a far election and we DID have interference. To say otherwise, shows lack of basic common sense. What it does show is something akin to Stockholm Syndrome, which is a psychological...

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Silk Summary: Elections – Free & Fair

This is a great explanation of what is happening today with our elections. It comes down to, FREE, FAIR, with no outside interference. There IS enough evidence to warrant a further look to all the affidavits by Democrats and...

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Silk Summary: Free, Secure, Election

Have you seen this? Look, as I have said time and time again, one doesn’t have to like Trump or any candidate on any side, the problem here is a FREE, SECURE, ELECTION! We have always abided by elections, in my time, that...

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Silk Summary: Adam Lexalt

Adam Lexalt for those who don’t know is an attorney and former Attorney General for the State of Nevada! Not only is he saying duplicate voting took place, but also DEAD people as well! Doesn’t it bother you our...

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Silk Summary: Mad as Hell

  These are posts/stories you DON’T see in very many places. This is not posted because I belong to any political party, I post this because I AM MAD AS HELL AT THE MEDIA, TECH GIANTS AND LAWMAKERS ON THE LEFT WHO ARE...

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Alan Nathan – 11/11/20

SUBJECTS: On this Veteran’s Day, America stands at a crossroads. Will we continue to stand for our beloved Constitution and individual liberty and responsibility or will we fall to socialism, communism and...

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