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Silk Summary: The 2020 Election Fraud

The 2020 election did have problems and no matter who you voted for; the fact remains there were at least 6 States that had REAL, empirically viable evidence to support that claim.   During the Maricopa, Arizona audit of the...

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Jane: Truth About Electric Cars

The truth is…electric cars need fossil fuels and are not the most cost-effective way to travel! When you go to car lots, the cars that they have the most inventory on are electric vehicles. Look at some of the costs. For...

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Silk Summary: Biden in Handcuffs

Let’s hope one day not in the not so distant future, we see Biden being led out in handcuffs. Time for the hypocrites on the lunatic Left to start getting what they deserve and not free passes to loot, steal, cheat,...

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Silk Summary: Obama was in on it!!

We heard statements in the past about Obama knowing about the Russian Hoax, after all, he was a micromanager in the Oval office and it is really unfathomable that he wouldn’t have know what was going on! He wanted Hillary...

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Legislation by Panic

 Karen Kataline Many have now recognized that we have a dangerously powerful and corrupt government, but even conservatives suddenly forget that, when they’re in a state of fear and panic. That’s the kind of amnesia a corrupt...

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