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Karen Kataline 03/27/2023

Comedian, Bill Engvall says it would help us if stupid people would wear a sign so we’d know not to take them seriously. His trademark line, “Here’s your sign” helps us all to laugh at ourselves, because everyone has asked more...

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Silk Summary 03/27/2023

Silk Summary: Words have meaning. If they didn’t, why bother speaking at all, we could just go about pointing fingers, wagging our fingers or flailing our arms all around. We know politicians flip, flop all the time....

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Poetic Gourmette 03/23/2023

Poetic Gourmette: If this grocery chain merger is allowed to take place, experts are saying, food prices will go higher. With less competition in certain markets, Supermarkets can take advantage of higher prices if there is less...

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Silk Summary 03/22/2023

Silk Summary: This just in! Considering what we know now and before, January 6th was a planned attack and most likely one of the reasons Pelosi, McConnell, didn’t press the issue of having the National Guard there in DC...

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Silk Summary 03/21/2023

Silk Summary: Last week had some interesting revelations, like, the January 6th Committee was a full of shit waste of taxpayer dollars and we come to realize that what we heard before January 6th, 2021, was NOT RUMOR but fact....

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Silk Summary 03/20/2023

Silk Summary: As more evidence piles up on the Biden crime family, why haven’t we seen indictments? We know this stuff was revealed before the 2020 elections to the FBI. We are now in 2023. If this was an everyday citizen,...

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Silk Summary 03/17/2023

Silk Summary: Have you read this article yet in the mainstream media? The place where censorship has had a whole new resurgence!? Like most of the narratives the Democrats have put out there in the last decade, they have...

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Silk Summary 03/12/2023

Silk Summary: Yet another cover-up and wondering how many more before Americans say, our government is rebelling against us? The Democrats really MUST HAVE A LOT TO HIDE!!! Click url below!...

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Silk Summary 03/10/2023

Silk Summary: We all know how SLOW bureaucracies move, ours is NO different! We are still waiting for Hillary Clinton to be punished for co-mingling her State Department gig, with her foundation, using a PRIVATE server,...

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Silk Summary 03/09/2023

Silk Summary: Just as that headline is absurd, but these days, nothing can be called absurd! We have the “woke” policies of the ultra, mad, progressives who this bozo like President is embracing and our economy,...

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Silk Summary 02/28/2023

Silk Summary: If you haven’t read this, you will want to! Remember, this is our money, our freedoms and they WORK for us. Seems, it is ass backwards and needs to be rectified! White House Executive Order #13989 Installs...

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Silk Summary 02/22/2023

Silk Summary: Someone has to show us what the heck could possibly happen if there is a nuclear war. Click the map below! Russia as of yesterday announced it is suspending it’s...

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