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Silk Summary 06/05/2023

Silk Summary: And it’s even worse. We actually have a pedophile, [just look what his daughter says about her father taking showers with her when she was a little girl] A lot of women have come forward, [ here is one piece...

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Silk Summary 06/02/2023

Silk Summary: “Stanford study warns against overnight charging of electric cars at home” Who ever thought one would see a headline like this when the mostly Liberal States, ie: California, New York, are pushing,...

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Silk Summary 06/01/2023

Silk Summary: Maricopa County Elections Officials Illegally Break into Sealed Election Machines after they were Certified and Before the Election – Inserting Reprogrammed Memory Cards – MUST SEE! If anyone truly...

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Silk Summary 05/31/2023

Silk Summary: If you don’t think foreign influences doesn’t/didn’t touch our elections in 2020, or before then, please change your source of news. One shouldn’t rely on just one place to source...

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The Poetic Gourmette 05/29/2023

The Poertic Gourmette: Bananas: The Surprising Superfood for Fighting Cancer and Heart Disease If you try and incorporate the super foods in your diet, you will find you have a healthier life. Add exercise to that and you will...

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Silk Summary 05/25/2023

Silk Summary: 30 TONS OF EXPLOSIVE CHEMICALS GO MISSING ON TRAIN How come the company kept this under wraps for over a month? Do officials really believe the story from the company that it fell off the train along the way?...

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Silk Summary 05/24/2023

Silk Summary: I guess AOC in all her infinite wisdom, must have skipped classes in school and at Boston University, as she has NO idea what her Democratic Party was up to before she decided to join its ranks! SO tired of those...

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Silk Summary 05/22/2023

Silk Summary: Everyone has the power to have things change. Voting the same morons in each time is NOT the way… A friend sent this excerpt: Brad was sick of the world, of Covid 19, Trump, Russian belligerence, China,...

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Silk Summary 05/19/2023

Silk Summary: The headline in this article and the subsequent information, should make your head spin off its axis! “FBI Leadership Sabotaged Clinton Foundation Investigations: Durham Report” So, if you are of a...

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Silk Summary 05/18/2023

Everything written doesn’t have to be from someone with a political agenda! It could be that the author just wants people to understand the situation around them and make an informed decision. People can’t do that if...

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Silk Summary 05/12/2023

We NOW know, courtesy of former CIA Chief John Brennan, that the story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop being a Russian made incident is FAKE! He admitted to Congressman Jim Jordan, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee...

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Silk Summary 05/11/2023

Does anyone truly believe that Biden, his son didn’t make money using Biden’s office when VP, after and now? Let’s not forget, the probe now on in the Congress has shown at least 10-12 members made money!...

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