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Silk Summary: You Go, Billy Boy

It’s only the LUNATIC FRINGE of the Democratic Party that want us to let anyone, everyone in our country!   Are they aching for a fight with all their authoritarian mandates? Maybe if folks match their level of discord,...

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Blinders or Trained Not to See?

 Karen Kataline A picture of Joe Biden with an obvious earpiece and a wire was used by AOL News to post a Reuters story on his comments on Saturday about “Dreamers.” Copyright laws prevent posting photo here. See it and my Tweet...

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Silk Summary: Did You Catch This?

Did you all happen to catch this?   Peter Schweizer: Then-VP Biden “direct beneficiary” of Hunter’s foreign deals   By Mike Huckabee July 13, 2021 | Rudy Giuliani has said that when the FBI came to his home...

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Silk Summary: More Facts

More facts you might not be aware of. Isn’t it a shame we can’t trust our own media and social media platforms to allow truthful, factual information, to flow freely. They need to have their protections rescinded....

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Silk Summary: Cuba!

Isn’t this something? Who would have ever predicted! Obama never went to Cuba to help the Cuban people, he went there for his own agenda and that of his cabal! The people of Cuba know it, heck the WHOLE WORLD knows it. So...

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Silk Summary: Absolute Peril

Thank goodness there are 100+ million Americans that know we have an illegitimate government! The fight will continue to prove 2020 was a big, fat, fraud, a bloodless coup. There are those working tirelessly to make sure 2022...

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