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Silk Summary: Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn

This was sent to me by someone from NoQ Report. Never heard of it, but the Facebook wouldn’t let me link the article, so copy and paste will have to work for now. Covid, elections, is just more attempt by big Tech, the...

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Silk Summary: The Gateway Pundit

  The Gateway Pundit, which prides itself in publishing truth over lies, has produced over 1,700 articles on the election of 2020. Whether Facebook, Twitter, YouTube like it or not, they WON’T be able to stifle the truth...

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Silk Summary: Amen

Even moderate Liberals are waking up to the ‘woke’, ‘cancel culture’, bullshit!   This is nothing more than an excuse to keep people at odds with one another and not have an honest discussion!   So SAD,...

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Silk Summary: Surveillance

And so it begins… Very socialistic of Biden, but then again, he really isn’t running this country. He is however, along with the people who put him in power, do so, illegally. 100 million people know, he is in Oval...

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How to Destroy America

Karen Kataline If you want to weaken America, weaken her men. If you want to weaken America, weaken her faith. If you want to weaken America, weaken her character. Make sure that along the way, you’ve been weakening her...

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Silk Summary – A Brilliant Read

A really brilliant read. Something you WON’T see in the lamestream media! Their brainwashing of those who believe their falsehoods, is another sad story in our history! A New York father pulls his daughter out of Brearley...

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