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Alan’s Blog 4-15-19

Each moronic political party tries to validate agendas by hiding them behind their stated goals vs showing how their agendas would deliver those goals. A generic example of their syllogistically corrupt argument would be:...

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Silk Summary 4-15-19

Like it or not and most prefer not to hear about it, the crisis at the border. We have thousands waiting to crash our system and no, they are all not asylum seekers. If they were, they would have gone to the American Embassy in...

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Silk Summary 4-15-19

This is just another problem with Socialism. It doesn’t matter how much, or how hard, someone works, everything is on the same playing field and your money is redistributed all the same! We have that on a small scale with...

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Silk Summary 4-9-19

California just can’t help itself! It’s looking for new ways to help get rid of their $2 Trillion debt, by tax and spend! Isn’t it time, whether Local, State or Federal, we hold our leaders accountable? Maybe...

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Silk Summary 4-2-19

Seems if you are a Democrat, elitist, have allegations of sexual harassment, once a former VP, and running for President, you are not thought of, as someone who should step down! Unlike a judge, being confirmed for SCOTUS, you...

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Alan’s Blog 4-1-19

The Hill writes: Senate Republicans are privately rooting against President Trump in his court battle to strike down the Affordable Care Act. GOP lawmakers worry that if Trump wins, Congress won’t be able to pass anything to...

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It’s Your Money Dummies 4-4-19

Over the last year, there hasn’t been many times where the professionals, in the banking or mortgage business, are telling you that this is a good time to refinance! Right now, according to many in this arena, one should...

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Alan’s Blog 4-4-19

Under the headline, “Some Mueller team members say final report more damaging to Trump than Barr summary suggests,” The Hill had the following excerpt: -START- Some members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s...

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Silk Summary 4-4-19

Is newly minted Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, going to feign ignorance, regarding the operation of a “subsidy scheme”, that ran afoul of campaign finance laws, in another complaint filed against her yesterday, with the...

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Silk Summary 4-1-19

Oh dear, it seems the new darling of the Socialist Democrats has not resonated with the voters as hoped! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas are a bit to radical for this country and would probably serve her well in another...

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Alan Nathan’s Blog 3-22-19

NY Democrat Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apparently wants those who attend the Electoral College to be given free tuition – just kidding. However, Democrats do wish to remove the geographic proportional representation...

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Silk Summary 3-25-19

Didn’t need much entertaining over the weekend, we had the Left to listen and watch! They were apoplectic over the lack of collusion and conspiracy in Mueller’s Report, after over 2 years of investigating! The quick...

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