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Happy 2021 To You!

I think we’re still within the timeframe etiquette permits for wishing that to you all. At the least let’s take this time to reaffirm that we WILL have a happy year! And don’t forget- we’re always eager...

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Winter’s On Its Way

Listen to what we say: winter’s four days away. No need for an early budget freeze, Main Street handles campaigns with ease. Affordable and with service that’s laudable, we do it all so give us a call! We Also...

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Time To Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving will be here soon- how’s your campaign cooking? Looking for a way to meet the client’s needs at a lower price, or an affordable additional bit of radio play? Then get in touch with Main Street! The only...

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Will It Be A Happy Halloween?

  You have a little less than two weeks to make it so! And what could make you and your clients happier than affordable radio distribution for their big ad campaign? It’s no trick, it’s a treat, and one you can...

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Spooky Savings Surprise

Get in touch now- you’ll be spooked by how much you’ll save with our highly affordable radio distribution! Halloween’s just over a month away, followed closely by the 2020 holiday season, so NOW is the time to...

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A New Back To School Plan

Back-to-school season is much different this year. Shouldn’t your campaign also be different, especially since shoppers won’t have the luxury of seeing huge selections in one pass. Let’s face it- there’s...

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Keep On Rockin’!

As if it needs to be said, but music stations are extremely popular and a great way to rock out your campaign’s reach! The trouble is how dauntingly expensive it can be. But worry not- Main Street is your ticket to the...

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An Instant Classic!

That’s what our Mini will be to you! Not only will it be an instant hit, we can almost instantly air your radio spot on it! So don’t deprive over 7 million listeners of your client’s message, call now and get...

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