Position: Affiliate Relations Manager assisting GMs and PDs in all support functions relevant to Main Street Radio Network’s syndication
Phone: 214-281-8473
Fax: 214-341-5606
Email: affiliatesalesmt@aol.com

Mike Tyler brings more than 30 years experience in the broadcast industry to Broadcast Affiliate Sales. Mike has been a speaker at many broadcast conventions, visited more than 1000 radio stations and was elected to the National Association of Broadcaster Board of Directors.

Mike helped build the first 24 hour radio network, Satellite Music Network. Mike became the top salesperson at Satellite Music Network and developed one of the most successful formats in the network history “The Touch”.

Mike helped Jones Radio Networks go from 4 affiliates to more than 1000. Mike developed joint ventures between Jones Radio Network “Z- Spanish Network”, “The Team” with Bob Costas and developed “CD Country”.

Mike was marketing consultant for Digital Courier International a commercial delivery system over ISDN lines. Digital Courier signed 5000 radio stations to use their delivery system in 18 months.

Mike understands the network industry and the radio industry he will help your business increase revenues and reduce expenses.