Got love the New York Times for it’s biased, not always fact filled information.

“Primary elections in four Republican-leaning states rattled Congress on Tuesday night, as voters ejected a sitting member of the House and set up intense campaigns for the Senate in several battlegrounds.

Republicans averted a worst-case scenario — the nomination of an ex-convict coal baron in West Virginia — but faced warning signs elsewhere. Here are our takeaways from the evening.

Voters nearly always dislike Congress, but Tuesday was a vivid illustration of just how toxic the taint of Washington may be in 2018.

The night was a near-wipeout for members of the House seeking higher office. Three Republican lawmakers lost campaigns for the Senate: Luke Messer and Todd Rokita in Indiana, and Evan Jenkins in West Virginia. A fourth, James B. Renacci of Ohio, won the Senate nomination but drew less than half the primary vote despite facing relatively unknown opponents and campaigning with President Trump’s loud support.”

What Tuesday’s primaries showed in the 4 States that had them, is Liberals, otherwise known as Democrats, are not very popular and the so-called “Blue Wave” they think will happen in November, might just be in their own heads.

Wherever Trump weighed in, even in the last minute like West Virginia, the candidate he touted won. More to the point, the ones he didn’t want to win, didn’t.

The Left have gone off the reservations like many of the TV Networks and even a good number of Liberals say, they are going to far with their hate speech and remorse of a bad loss in 2016!