So now, folks get censored and the fashion police tell individuals what hats they can and can’t wear. It is another form of 1st amendment rights.

This is getting way out of hand and it’s time those who believe in our elections, to fight back with the people, companies who feel they have a right to tell us who to vote for!

Maybe time to boycott Cheesecake Factory!

Thank you Democratic Party, rabid Donors and former administration officials who has caused a divide, paid protesters because they lost an election!

The former head of the Democratic Party, President Obama presided over the loss of 900 legislative seats while he was in office not to mention over half over the Governors Mansions in this country.

Why didn’t they protest that? Where was the indignation over his great loss of Democratic power while in office!

It seems that only the Left can be upset over loss and cause violence, mayhem and divide!

How low has that Party sunk? It never used to be that way!