Representative Maxine Waters (D-43-CA) recently released the following on the issue of family separations at the border:

When one hears disturbing news reports that children are being ripped out of the arms of their parents only to be held in detention centers where they are locked in cages, are forced to sleep on cement floors, and are only allowed to go outdoors for limited periods of time, one would think that those reports are describing conditions under the rule of a callous dictator – not the President of the United States.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump and his racist, Jim Crow-era throwback Jeff Sessions have unleashed the full power of the executive branch to target, terrorize, and traumatize children and families – many of whom are seeking refuge from the very type of mistreatment in which they are now confronted with upon arrival to the greatest democracy in the world. This is a national disgrace.

 So the conclusions of her claims are proof of an argument?

Structurally, that’s the enthymematic debate tactic of a child. What is she, 6?

The 1997 Flores Settlement requires that children not be detained more than 20 days.

However their escorts (parents or those falsely claiming to be parents) take months to go through the asylum process making it impossible to keep them together unless the Executive ignores what the court and Congress imbecilically created years ago.

To Rep Waters I say please spare us your ignorance camouflaged as romantic sensitivity, and do something to really help those facing these horrific separations.

Support a law that helps vacate the Clinton era Flores Settlement.

Here’s a refreshing concept – try speaking out against those using a fixable problem as an excuse for protesting an avoidable consequence.

Otherwise, you’re just another bad-faith functionally illiterate soul exposed by multiple polls such as Rasmussen and the Huffington Post saying that most in the country blame illegal immigrant parents more than Trump for these border separations of families.

And Congresswoman, no amount of escapist word-association bridges, corrupted syllogisms or fractured enthymemes will ever let you escape that exposure.