If this isn’t a reason to demand Term Limits, nothing much is! Here we have Pelosi and other Democrats saying farewell to Rep Crowley, who was defeated by a rabid Socialist with an IQ of a wombat! The Dems were also excited as they defeated Trump once again with the border wall and keeping Americans safe!

It looks like the President caved yet again, on a promise that he campaigned on incessantly! He grandstands, in front of a camera saying he “would be proud” to shutdown the government for a wall, but, words, no actions!

Where is our better healthcare, border wall, prescription drug prices, Mr. President? Where is the justice for Clinton emails, Benghazi, the fake dossier, Uranium One deal, pay for play, the FBI, DOJ under Obama lying and colluding? Declassifying the FISA Warrants?

Maybe if he spent more time tweeting information that matters, instead of going after his detractors, like a kid in a sandbox, the pressure he could levy with voters, to go after the representatives, would be a better use of his time on Twitter.

Good thing Speaker Paul Ryan is leaving. He was just as ineffective as Speaker Boehner! The only difference, Ryan didn’t cry at a drop of a hat.