Turns out, at a White House Briefing yesterday, Democrats refused to hear any new regarding the border, the proposed wall and kept interrupting the Secretary of Homeland Security, so she couldn’t speak!

Two weeks into a government shutdown, the Democrats want the world to know it is a “Trump Shut down”.

Unfortunately, anyone with a working cardiovascular system, brains, know that is not the case! In the last Omnibus Spending Budget, which Trump passed much to the chagrin of his base, he gave the Democrats just about all their wish list. In return, they had said, next go around they would give Trump funding for the wall, as he told them, next time around, if they don’t, he will shut down the government!

He kept his word, but the Democrats as usual, reneged on theirs! Sound familiar? This Party has turned into a lying bunch of collectivists, who believe, just because they are in control of the House, they can hold this country hostage for the next couple of years!

The Speaker of the House, most likely, will be Nancy Pelosi, who can barely string a sentence together without some garble, though she faces resistance from a new class of freshman! Pelosi, along with Maxine Waters and a whole host of other lawmakers are the poster children for TERM LIMITS! They have made copious amounts of money while in office, [very suspect] and their rhetoric borders on treason!

We have laws for our Lawmakers on Capitol Hill and another set of laws for us, who pay their salaries! What the hell is wrong with that picture. They can’t be sued for slander or get punished for bold facing lying to the American people, the threshold for which they are held accountable is as low as hell, while we can get sued at a drop of a hat!

Of course, to change many of these problems we need amendments and with the country so divided, not likely! So, we must sit, while they fill their pockets with our money and that of their donors, PACS, Lobbyist, while we watch and sit by as they become fat cats. We have to listen to their contentious verbiage, some of which is just plain bullshit, filled empty promises.

Welcome to our new government for the next 2 years with little or nothing done, while benefits and salaries are paid to them while we get no accountability and nothing to show for it! Must be nice!