‘I think I skipped a couple of pages’

That was our new Speaker of the House on Thursday. How reassuring is that? For the last couple of years, there has been one headline or another like the one above, which says, she obviously doesn’t know when to hang it up!

How sad, egotistical, that someone who is supposed to serve the People, doesn’t understand when it’s time to walk away. Our halls of Congress and Senate are littered with those who have hung on, so they can keep reaping the benefits of a job which is to serve, not bilk the taxpayer until they are carted away.

Since it is impossible to get a consensus from lawmakers, to get Term Limits enacted, voters should demand they sign a pledge if they want to be elected that they will serve no more than 2 term for the House and one term for the Senate since it is a 6 year job. Most stay on so they can get a cushy pension from the citizen for not even working 5 days a week like the majority of people do. They work maybe 3 days a week, skip out at every holiday for more time then normal workers do and want us to think they are serving us at full capacity!

Wonder how many would actual stay or run, if they knew they had a finite time in office?

What we have now is a divided country, with a good number of Democrats, current and past, calling for violence, hate, against anyone who dares to breathe differently. There is no compromise, no give or take, just their way, or the highway. They hold the government hostage with demands and ultimatums.

They promise to work with the administration only to get what they want, as is the case with the last Omnibus Spending Bill, then when crunch time comes around again, they have select memories and fall back on their promises.

This is our country and most don’t do anything until it’s time to vote again and even then, some just stay with the status quo, as they are too lazy to do any differently.

They complain at every turn and wonder why we have a President like Trump. Anger, that’s why. People said in 2016, we are tired of the elite, career politician, who live to take advantage of the taxpayer running our country, lying to get laws passed. We need that anger to unseat those roaming our halls of Congress. Until we truly have bipartisan Chambers, our only recourse is to vote them out!