Sen Chris Van Holley writes:
“Senate Democrats should block consideration of any bills unrelated to opening the government until Sen. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans allow a vote on the bipartisan bills the House passed to open the government.”

Good. Then ironically enough, Sen Maj Leader Mitch McConnell can more easily put forward the motion to end the voter-disenfranchising Filibuster that currently requires 60 votes to pass legislation!!

The Left got rid of it for Cabinet positions as well as for Appellate and District Judgeships. The Right got rid of it for Supreme Court Nominee’s.

Clearly no one on either side has any remaining moral authority to object.

This could be McConnell’s chance to do it without any credible opposition to the move!!

As far as the clumsily alleged “long term consequences of doing so” are concerned, there aren’t any but the old tired argument offered by both parties saying “Well, what happens when we’re no longer in the majority.”

If it’s wrongfully obstructive when used AGAINST you while you’re the Majority party, then it’s wrongfully obstructive when used BY you while you’re the Minority party.

I argued against it while the Dems were hampered by it when they were in the Majority, and hailed former Democratic Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid when he got rid of most of it on his watch.

Here’s the crux of why it’s such a vile entity. It allows for too many bad-faith votes that camouflage a lawmaker’s actual position.

If a lawmaker wants to, he’ll vote for a Bill he doesn’t like just to pacify a component of his constituency knowing he’ll not offend those who don’t want said Bill because he’s fully aware that it’ll never reach the required 60.

Once you take away that Filibuster, every lawmaker immediately becomes more accountable for every vote he casts because each vote becomes more directly relevant and therefore more noticeably impactful.

This is how we hold them all more accountable – from both sides of the damn aisle.

Please Left and Right, grow up and learn this lesson so you may ALL stop being taken for the proverbial ride by your parties’ leaders whose camouflaged and system-based shield enables them to dodge accountability for never getting anything done!

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