It’s Your Money Dummies:

So many people think they have enough tomorrow’s to worry about saving. They feel, instant gratification is more important than checking on a savings account and watching it grow.

Nothing is guaranteed, especially life and although it is wonderful to be free and go where and when you want, having a nest egg, an emergency fund, to make that security feel even better, feels terrific, always!

Don’t be concerned what friend A or B is doing or what they are buying. In the end, having monies put away for your future, not matter what age, is a liberating feeling.

Everytime you get paid, no matter how many times per month, you NEED, HAVE TO, take $5, $10, $20 or more and stick it away in a account and leave it there. If you have some spare monies during the month, then, deposit it, in this account.


Have that mindset and be different from the rest!