Warren apologizes for Native American claim, signals there may be other documents out there | By Edmund DeMarche -Fox News

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., on Wednesday was once again forced to apologize for claiming Native American ancestry on a 1986 registration card for the Texas state bar, and left the door open that there may be more documents out there with a similar claim.

The controversy appears to be difficult for the senator to put behind her. She had been planning to formally launch her presidential campaign on Saturday. A reporter on Wednesday asked if she would drop out of the race and she responded, “Thank you.”

It seems the Democrats are the ones who get to misrepresent and not get blowback from the mainstream media!

What is it about lying who you are or where/if you served in the military like former Secretary, Senator Kerry, or Blumenthal?

Do these people really think in this day and age of the internet, that one can cavalierly lie without having it come back and bit them in the butt?

You see, my problem, if they have no problem lying about heritage, service, then it’s obviously, lying comes easy and who wants to place their trust in someone who has such and easy time with falsehoods