Didn’t need much entertaining over the weekend, we had the Left to listen and watch! They were apoplectic over the lack of collusion and conspiracy in Mueller’s Report, after over 2 years of investigating!

The quick takeaways from this report; there was not ONE insistence where Mueller and his team found coordinated or conspired acts with the Russians and the Trump campaign!

Mueller decided not to make any determinations as to whether or not Trump committed the crime of obstructing justice, and instead leaves that determination to Attorney General Barr.

Attorney General Barr, after reading the report, has decided that Mueller provided NO clear evidence of any wrongdoing! Barr determined, that the findings warranted no prosecution, as no crimes were found to have been committed!

Instead of putting this sordid, fake investigation behind us, the Congressional Democrats feel, we didn’t waste enough tax dollars, time investigating, and that Mueller’s team surely must have missed something! So, onwards we go, Democrats in Congress continuing their investigations, so they can pretend some part of nothing, might yield a stone which has not be unturned!

Another great way to show the American people they have no capacity to move on, from something they called for, but not satisfied with the outcome! If this doesn’t show just how transparent and scary these Democrats are, nothing will. They are willing to go to any lengths to upend an election they lost, trying to fabricate anything, that will give them a bully pulpit to call for impeachment.

What’s sad, they couldn’t even commit a crime that didn’t point back to their own handy work. We know how this whole sordid affair got started and who was behind it.

The real test, who gets a knock from Karma sooner rather than later!