The many two faces of the Socialist Democrats who want to control our lives…

These candidates and lawmakers go around telling us what, how, we should spend our money, how much to make and that everyone who earns more than them, are evil and their wealth should be redistributed.

They talk about sharing the wealth! Really, did they dream up an idea, put their own money into said venture, hire people? Are they willing to do the SAME WORK the people who made that money, idea, do?
Are they willing to share the workload?

A good number of Employers and government require those seeking and receiving employment to take a drug test. We don’t hear folks complaining about that and rightfully so.

Why don’t lawmakers go one step further and say anyone on Welfare, Food Stamps, has to take a drug test as well? After all, this is our money the government is handing out with little to no accountability. If there was concern about this, then there would be the same concern about how lawmakers, government, waste over $500 Billion a year of taxpayer money!

The problem with all this is, you can’t eliminate job, wealth inequality, until you take care of effort inequality! Once you do that, then we can start another conversation!