It seems the Democrats haven’t totally understood the lessons from the past. When former President Bill Clinton was impeached in the Congress, those Republicans who went along with it, were voted out, for the most part the following election. Not because they were enamored with Clinton, they didn’t want the Congress to be wasting time on it, knowing the Senate would never follow suit.

The fact, there has been no evidence, besides an intense dislike, that does not warrant, this President from being removed from office. The problem it seems, he keeps rubbing their inadequacies, ineptness, non-follow through promises
in their faces and that is just not acceptable.

It should show the American people just how lazy, contemptuous our lawmakers have been! They take our money and give every excuse imaginable on why they didn’t follow through. Isn’t it just a bit tiring listening to their constant droning on, about the most inconsequential shit there is? Where are our solutions to the many real, important, problems plaguing this country currently?

The answer, TERM LIMITS and voting these no good, lazy, corrupt jack asses out, next time around. Until we get limits on our lawmakers, we are lucky we can upset their apple cart every 2 years in the Congress, 6 for the Senate and of course, 4 for the President.