It is quite funny to see the President toying with the Left, the Trump Haters and the news media!

The Mueller Report showed, Trump was offered dirt, but didn’t accept it. Now he says “I think I take it”, knowing full well his detractors will go apoplectic and play right into his hands. Since he said that, the Democratic Presidential Candidates have said something, the late night whiners, jumped out of their cribs, screaming and of course, the twittersphere!

Whatever it is, whether Trump smiles wrong, waves funny or says nothing, it will be inferred as something else. Get a life people. The man was voted President and so it shall be. He most likely will be the President once again, come 2020, as the Democrats have continually shown they are a Party of corrupt, greedy, lying sacks of turds that don’t deserve a dime in donations, for they will spend it on breaking the law, just like they did last time around! That’s who we want making decisions about our future, children’s futures?

Sorry, I think NOT!

Time and time again, they all have walked into Trump’s web and shown just how biased, corrupt they all are! Are they really that dumb or are they playing a convincing role?