We have had immigration problems for a number of decades! It is quite disingenuous of the media and the Left to be indignant about a problem, Clinton or Obama let fester and become problematic. In fact, the Bush team, both Presidents, let it swell, so we definitely have no past heroes!

President Clinton started separating children from families as immigration started to grow. Where’s the Left on those policies?

Let’s check some facts. They are pesky! First: The Trump administration still isn’t deporting as many immigrants annually as former President Barack Obama did in the early years of his presidency.

Just 282,242 immigrants have been deported so far in the fiscal year 2019, whereas the Obama administration made 409,849 deportations in the fiscal year 2012.

As of 2014, the Obama administration deported around 2 million illegals more than any other President. In 2012 alone, an estimated 150,000 US citizen children lost a parent to deportation. Another little known fact, which are so pesky, the Obama administration deported people without hearings. Anyone caught in that large “border” zone was deported through a process called “expedited removal.” Where’s the Left on that factoid?

Congress has made sure, ICE doesn’t have all the resources it needs. After all, with the Democratic Congress, illegal immigrants are welcomed in this country and most importantly, the Left would like them to vote. After all, Sanctuary Cities in this country, are run by Lefties, who feel, illegals should have drivers licenses and once that occurs, one can vote.

Such a pity, a political Party had/has/still does, resort to such underhanded tactics to try and win an election. Cheating, lying, faking documents, attempted soft coup. All of which will become evidently clearer once the FISA Warrants are released from 2016 and the 3 reports from independent special counsels!

That show, will most assuredly, be a “get the popcorn ready” event!