CNN’s Phil Mudd: “Clock Ticking” For Democrats Before Barr Finds Out How Trump Probe Started.

Mudd also said, he would bet a whole paycheck that the dossier created by Steele that was bought and paid for by Democrats, could not cite a second or third source to the sordid, fake dossier, that started the ball rolling, down the dark path we now have come to see.

He also predicts; “things are going to get “ugly” when Attorney General Bill Barr concludes how the probe was initiated which will give the Trump White House “ammo.”

Just because many Democrats have the attention span of a gnat, when the real information from the many investigations going on, by OUTSIDE counsel currently, the country will finally see, the will of the people was trying to be altered all the way up the food chain to the Oval Office of the last administration!

Interesting analyst by Retired CIA operative and CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd. It is SO polar opposite of CNN anchors, contributors, wonder how long he gets to keep his job. CNN is not used to such honest assessments!