Last week we saw the President traveling overseas and 2 Presidential Candidate debates.

A lot of news for one week, but unfortunately most won’t see the REAL news and happenings!

China and America will restart trade talks and certain tariffs were going to be eased as this new round gets underway!

Did the mainstream media make a BIG deal about the report that came from Mexico? 61.5% of Mexicans can’t stand having illegal immigrants passing through their country or staying there illegally! Are they racist and out of touch, as the Democrats in this country think any American who is against illegals is just that?

Mexico and most logical, smart people here say, there IS a crisis at our border! Funny, not according to the candidates running for President on the Left!

As Democratic journo, Andrew Sullivan said the past week;
“The starkness of the crisis is a good thing, though. Until now, many have denied that any crisis existed at all. They have, in fact, denied that the highest levels of mass immigration since the Bush years are an issue at all. As Byron York has noted, Speaker Pelosi called the arrival of close to a million asylum seekers “a fake crisis”; Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that hundreds of thousands of men, women, and many children, overwhelming any attempt to process them with the current resources, was “a crisis that does not exist.” This included many Never-Trumpers, like Bill Kristol (“a fake crisis”), and Max Boot (“a faux crisis”). The editors of the Washington Post denied the facts reported by their own Nick Miroff, claiming it was “a make-believe crisis.”

None of these people will admit they were gravely mistaken, or that their denial and delay in acting clearly exacerbated the situation. But now that we’re on the same page, the question is: Where do we go with this now?”

The problems we have in our immigration system are real. The border is in trouble, our healthcare system, expensive and a mess.

If the Democrats keeping embracing worn out, tired messages by parrots, they will keep losing as they did when the most worn out, tiring person was losing last time! Even Billy Boy Clinton said as much before his wife took the dive off the deep end again, in an empty pool. A year before Hillary lost, Bill Clinton had a premonition of how things could go wrong. He revealed his foreboding at fundraisers.

I imagine we will keep hearing about FREE items the Dems want to give away to all those who don’t work and contribute. That should be an interesting message to keep pounding home. Maybe one day, they will see the folly in their words. There is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE RIDE, no matter how much the Democrats want to sugar coat excrement!