Over the holiday weekend, another dangerously ignorant Congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib, decided to double down on her ignorant pal, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez statement, saying; “I absolutely believe and agree with AOC, the detention facilities are like detention centers.”

Obviously, these grandstanding fear mongers, don’t do their homework and have no clue in citing correct statistics when it comes to the border! Now it’s a crisis? Where were they last year, the year before? Big mouth, empty word parrots!

Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services said over the weekend; “Well, last year, we were in the range of 850,000, and that was the most in five years. And this fiscal year, we will pass that. So, you know, people who come after the president and this administration say, you know, you don’t like immigrants. Well, we are letting more people become citizens than has happened in years.”

You don’t hear current Democrats talking about Clinton who started the policy of separating children at the border. Every President since then, has continued that. Trump in his first year as President, signed an Executive Order to stop doing that separating, yet we don’t hear anything about that! We don’t hear about the Obama White House, giving children foil blankets for warmth, either!

Verifiable, but since those facts don’t go hand and hand with the slanted, lying, perverted view of the rabid Left, a large group of people believe the drivel that passes for their truths!

With the Obama administration who started their program to give anyone who doesn’t have a mobile, a free phone, [a program of course, totally abused, over budget and wildly fraudulent] there is really no excuse for not checking facts, right? After all, a smartphone which was included in this “plan”, lets you connect to the internet!

It is quite comical and very farcical watching the Democrats and the candidates for President try to out Left each other with one absurd plan after another. In other words, NOTHING substantive and nothing that would work in reality!