It’s evident that a good number of Democrats and the 2020 candidates like digging up old empty graves and watching worms, maggots, scramble for some food! Pretty much like their Party of today!

Over the weekend, 2 New York Times reporters, who in an advanced copy of a new book, revealed, a new allegation of sexual misconduct by Justice Kavanaugh, had NO real evidence [which was plainly stated] and decided anyway, it needed to be published by them! Hubris or just plain stupidity?

Not barely a day went by, the New York Times had to make a MAJOR revision to a story, with said allegation, that included the significant detail that SEVERAL friends of the alleged victim, said she DID NOT RECALL the supposed sexual assault in question, not one second of this event. Trust me, if one had been sexually assaulted or molested, it’s not something you would forget, ever. Although, we do know there are people out there, who have no morals, or scruples and decide to lie about such an egregious act!

The New York Times also stated for the first time, that the alleged victim refused to be interviewed, and has made no comment about the episode.

Another none “there, there”, all because Hillary lost an election, she was NEVER, EVER going to win! It’s amazing how Democrats give Americans a lack of credit, for knowing who they DON’T want for President.

What makes this report smell like holy crap, is the fact that the report was issued first by a Clinton connected lawyer, who claimed to witness this latest act of sexual misconduct.

Since all the evidence last go round was embellished, made-up, it’s a wee difficult to believe anything coming forward now, especially if it is a source like the New York Times. Just like CNN, MSNBC, they throw the bombs out there first, regardless who they attack, or blow up. They just want maximum coverage and damage, even if said story is a bunch of made up pond scum!

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. This new breed of rabid Lefties, obviously didn’t pay attention to any lessons and are a crop of pretty petty, dumb, schmucks!

If they think they are doing the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates any service, they definitely are not. All they are doing is reminding voters, why they elected Trump and the anger that is still festering, for their deceit and blatant disregard of the truth!