As we have heard for the last number of months, the Democrats candidates for President want to bankrupt the country with Medicare for all. Don’t know how they would plan to do that, after all, the country would have no money left after ALL the other FREE programs they want to give, like, free college, government jobs for all, Universal Basic Income for all between the ages of 25-65.

If your head hasn’t already spun off it’s shoulders, than something seriously is wrong!

Recently, a Venezuelan politician told Bernie Sanders, he should ditch his security and come and see what a dictatorship, socialism is all about by visiting that country!

Bad enough, Bernie has refused to call Maduro a dictator and still thinks there are democratic processes still at work in that country! Really? Where?

Bernie like the other candidates want to increase our healthcare spending by $7 Trillion, but they don’t tell where the money would come from and what they would do to improve upon our already sick system!

All that these candidates have been doing is telling you what they would do, assuming they were elected but forgetting to tell you how their plans would work or who would pay!

Increasing the taxes on the wealthy was tried in Europe and failed miserably.

I have a novel idea!!! What not stop wasting, abusing, paying fraudulently submitted claims, to the tune of $500 Billion per year and put that money to good use for education, immigration and infrastructure?

It’s time we stand up and tell our lawmakers enough with taxing Americans for their mismanagement of our money!

You can contact your legislator free of charge by calling the Washington State Legislative Hotline at 1.800.562.6000; or to talk to members of Congress, call 202.224.3121. The operator will put you through to your elected official when you provide them with an address.