What a sad time for this country and for our children. What we are seeing, regardless of anyone’s political affiliations, are a group of foes, lashing out, at anyone who dares to disagree with their agenda, and they are costing this country way more than just money!

What we are not seeing, is a fair and balanced media letting the public know the truth behind all these loser tactics!
Americans may not be aware that before the Trump/Ukraine call, which had no “there, there”, despite the wishes, dreams and hopes of the Trump-haters, Democrats who really can’t stand the President had already started looking into impeachment procedures and wanted to go down this road no matter what happened!

Wonder why so many on the Left find it hard to understand this time around, a leader not wanting to give American tax dollars to countries that violate human rights or are rife with corruption?! Our Commander and Chief has a responsibility to protect taxpayer money and American integrity and should never give our money away to such offenders.

Why didn’t Congress go apoplectic when Trump stopped $100 Million worth of aid to Afghanistan, because of leaders over there, taking our money and putting it in their pockets instead of rebuilding the country?

If these patriotic Americans felt so strongly, why didn’t they get all level charges against Obama for giving $150 Billion of taxpayer money which the courts awarded us, to Iran in the dead of night for a deal which America had no direct benefit? Or, stopping the decades old policy of NOT negotiating with terrorist when he released 5 Gitmo terror offenders for an American deserter, traitor, Bowe Bergdahl?

The hypocrisies are stunning, and we can go on and on showing just how petty, small minded these lawmakers are who just don’t let us get on with making this country better!

What has the Dems who took over Congress done since the last election? What great reforms in immigration, healthcare, prescription drugs prices, have they made? Beside AOC and her squad thinking they deserve a raise, what in the hell have they done for us???