Joe Biden

The more he talks, the more he pushes voters away from his cause, whatever it is. Does anyone really know?

The Democrats don’t have one, except to impeach a duly elected individual, who does NOT fit their mold of what a President should be!

The only other cause is to bankrupt us into the next galaxy. Just look at California, 1/2 the homeless in the country, they are bankrupt, folks are fleeing there when they can afford to and it’s run by Democrats. All the major cities there run by Democrats! Chicago, Baltimore, fighting over the murder capital of the USA, both run by Democrats! 44% of people would leave New York if they could afford to. Also, run by Democrats. Our major cities are shining examples of broke, busted, disgusted cities, with crime, illegal immigrants welcomed and coddled, all in debt. All run by Democrats. Sensing a pattern here?

It really is disingenuous, disgusting and depraved what our lawmakers in the Democratic Party are doing to this country! They are ALL myopic, moronic, misguided, misinformed, malcontents and top of it, their rhetoric is dangerous!

There will be a bloodbath of votes come 2020, the way the Democrats are going these days and they will have no one to blame but themselves, along with their GIGANTIC ego’s!