Whether you like the President or not, last week when he killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, he had complete authorization and didn’t need Congress to approve our retaliation against a murdering terrorist!

Soleimani had over 600 American soldiers blood on his hand, not to mention bombings of US facilities which, no matter where they are, happen to be sovereign territory and is an act of war when attacked!

Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security from 2013 to 2017, Jeh Johnson has said over the weekend, “He [Solemani] was a lawful military objective. And the president under his Constitutional authority as commander-in-chief had ample legal authority to take him out without an additional Congressional authorization”

The lawmakers who are calling for Trump’s head, they are nothing more than ineffectual, myopic, moronic, misinformed malcontents and should be removed from office next election!

If they cared about our country like they say, they would cheer when something that benefits us happens, no matter who is President at the time!

Just because this President is not afraid of attacking our enemies, he is judged as someone who wants to go to war? Predicated on what?

The detractors are saying we shouldn’t kill those terrorist who attack and kill us, for fear of them killing more Americans or other innocents! That is a weak, defeatist attitude that will keep getting us killed! We need to be strong, show we can respond in kind to any nation that kills our people or destroys our properties.

Appeasement is NOT the answer. Weak, spineless people, have no business deciding our fate!