As Americans hear/watch/read about the Impeachment hearings, once again, I am stricken with the terrifying thought that this hoax has played out this far and cost us so much, because those who perpetrated this farce, are sore losers and want to control our lives through government and our Treasury! Authoritarianism at its core!

We saw the elections in Great Britain and watched the Liberals, not only lose, but get trounced so bad, they had to go back to the 1980’s, to see something similar when Margaret Thatcher did it! The British Liberals, Socialist have been relegated so far back in the chamber, you will need a search warrant to find them!

We are most likely on the precipice of that here. After the Mueller hoax, $66 Million and now this bull crap, do the Socialist Liberal, Progressives really think that this will win them elections come November of this year? Just the contrary! It will cost them seats, clout, power and the loss of respect they really need!

When you see headlines from this fractured Democratic, Socialist, Fascist Party, you can’t help but gag. Like these…

Bernie Sanders: It’s Not My View That Joe Biden Is Corrupt in Any Way…‘We will argue those disagreements out’

AOC to Bezos, Billionaires: We Don’t Want Your Money, But Your Power. ‘First of all, change your business model’

Bernie Sanders Says He Will ‘Look at’ Tearing Down Existing Border Walls
‘If it’s going to cost me billions of dollars to tear it down I’d rather invest that maybe in the needs for child care in this country’

Seconds After Calling Trump a ‘Fool’ for Not Recognizing Climate Change, Scarborough States Argentina in Same ‘Continent’ as USA
‘Let’s talk about this continent’

Biden campaign touts Ukrainian anti-corruption activist who previously called Hunter Biden’s actions ‘very bad’.

Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders: “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him”

CNN Forces Out Another One Of Its Pro-Trump Commentators

During the Clinton Impeachment: News Media in 1999: Calling for More Witnesses Is a ‘Distraction’ and a ‘Sham’
‘Do we really need more witnesses?’

Politico called out after changing headline describing USMCA as a ‘major win for Trump’
{headlines courtesy of Grabien News}

With the mainstream media lock step insync with the Progressives, Lunatic Fringe Left, Socialist Democrats, we are left with a false narrative and biased reporting!

Not wanting to wish my life away, it will be exciting to see the upcoming elections as we watch the American Democratic Voter either stay home, or cross over from Democratic Candidates to anyone other than those who are trying to taking away our inalienable rights!