After seeing the absolute debacle called the Democratic Debate this week, it strikes me that we have a lot of people YELLING at us and trying to one up each other by giving more from the treasury, than the other guy/gal!

There were no plans outlined, just a wish lists. No path on how to afford the absurd programs put forth.

Over 67% of Americans and a large section of the Democratic Party DON’T want a socialist government or President!

All you have to do is go on line and type in socialist, communist governments and effects on people and economy and see how it has ravaged country after country for decades. Is it any wonder, there are few places that embrace these policies, as people prefer to be in charge of their own lives, not dictated to by an authoritarian regime/government?

As someone with no home in the political party arena, I make my own choices based on my life and what would be best for us and our family! I’m sorry, I don’t want free college, healthcare, daycare. I didn’t work my life and ass off to take care of others because they believe they have a right to FREE services. NO, they don’t! We are all given an opportunity to start from the same place and make a life that suits us! I’ve done that without being beholden to anyone, therefore, one can craft their existence the way they want without the excuse, “I can’t”.

Money is not the deciding factor of whether or not you can succeed. Drive, ambition and the WILL to want to, will be the reasons that will bring you to your goals. Not riding on someone else’s coat tails or waiting for the crumbs to fall from the table!

The folks running for office who have positions currently in the Congress, are neglecting their duties, using our money to help them get elected and if elected, they want to give our money ALL away! We are paying them to campaign. How many days to you think Bernie has actually sat in the Senate and worked since running for President in 2016? He has only had 3 pieces of legislation in over 30 years in DC and 2 of them were naming Post Offices in Vermont.

What significant contribution have any of these candidates in office done?

The next revolution should be holding our lawmakers accountable!!! If they want to run for another office, while currently holding a position and getting taxpayers to pay their wage,benefits, then they should have to give up their seat! They barely work 147 days per year and make over $179,000 per year, not including benefits and the $900,000+ per year for offices and staff. Who gets to actively look for another job while working for another and still expect to get paid? We also need to look at where the excess campaign funds go. The more we enable to the more the bad behavior will continue!

Unless we start turning the tables on lawmakers in DC and let them know we are watching, we WILL NEVER, truly have the freedoms our Founding Fathers wanted us to have.