Super Tuesday was a SUPER bust for Bernie Bro’s! The admitted Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, boasted how his revolution would sweep Super Tuesday and propel him, as the clear candidate to beat Donald Trump.

Turns out, all those young big mouths, who chant for the so-called revolution, show up to rallies, to rile the Democratic base, stayed home and didn’t vote. Guess, underneath it all, they don’t want to really give up their way of life to don a uniform and give over 70% of what they make to the government or “politburo” if Bernie becomes President!

In come the moderate side of the Democratic Party, freaked, that Bernie could carry the Party in the November against Trump! Bernie would not only lose to Trump, but most assuredly lose down ballots seats for fragile Dems! So, either Obama, Bill Clinton, or someone with enough clout to horse trade with Mayor Pete and Senator Klobuchar, called these two, told them to get out and if they did, they could expect support down the line one day or, they both will have cabinet seats or a judgeship for Klobuchar if Biden wins and they back him now.

What will be interesting to see, if Warren, Bloomberg decide to exit the race. Both of those candidates have said they would go all the way to the Convention even if it means contesting the whole shabang!

With the dysfunction, currently, of the Democratic Party, there is a possibility of Democrats losing the House come November. Bernie Sander supporters already have said, there are no other candidates they would vote for and they would disrupt the process if their guy didn’t get the nod! That’s the pattern of the Democratic Party these days. Threaten violence, cheat, lie, demean whomever you need to, as long as in the end, the spoils are theirs to claim!

Picking from the slim pickings, Trump seems to be the better choice of the candidates. At least he remembers his wife’s name, knows where he is at all times, has proven he can jolt the job markets, make the economy hum once again and can keep our enemies in line. One doesn’t have to love this President to see he is doing a good job right now!

That’s called an honest assessment of what is happening in our country, without the tint of political parties mudding the waters! It doesn’t take someone, following a party, to be able to think for oneself or vote what’s important to them!