As we get more intelligence regarding this “Pandemic”, we learn that it could have been released intentionally and that those other than the intended targets, were collateral damage!

Sounds pretty much how certain lawmakers have worked these last 5+ years it seems, planning, attacking, lying, fabricating, denying, hurting, cheating the American taxpayer, with baseless investigative committees, all for what? Because they didn’t want certain information to be divulged once it was Trump in office, instead of Hillary? They knew they could bury deep facts they would never want to come to light, if the outcome had been different.

Take a read here. Look at all the information and see if there are patterns here, and in other honest reporting.There are!

Western ‘Five Eyes’ Intelligence Blames China for COVID-19
May 5, 2020

“As the narrative war about the origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) rages between the US and China, the ‘Five Eyes’ anglophone intelligence alliance has reportedly produced a report that concludes that China deliberately suppressed or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus outbreak in an “assault on international transparency’’ that cost tens of thousands of lives.

This assessment, produced by the combined resources of five western intelligence services – if valid – adds substantial credibility to the theory that COVID-19 accidentally leaked from a biosafety lab in Wuhan, China, and its spread was accelerated by the deliberate cover-up of the Chinese communist authorities. This news has received much more coverage in the UK and Australia than in the US media.

The ‘Five Eyes’ alliance is composed of the intelligence services of the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, and is one of the most comprehensive known espionage alliances in history. The 15-page report obtained by Australia’s The Saturday Telegraph, provides detailed and damning support for ongoing investigations into China’s culpability – through at minimum – negligence and deception, for the global pandemic.

The Daily Telegraph says that the document “states that to the ‘endangerment of other countries’ the Chinese government covered-up news of the virus by silencing or ‘disappearing’ doctors who spoke out, destroying evidence of it in laboratories and refusing to provide live samples to international scientists who were working on a vaccine.”
The Five Eyes assessment describes how Beijing was outwardly downplaying the outbreak on the world stage while secretly scrambling to bury all traces of the disease, reports the Daily Mail. This cover-up “involved ‘destroying’ laboratory samples, bleaching wet market stalls, censoring the growing evidence of ‘silent carriers’ of the virus and stonewalling sample requests from other countries.”

In a “damning portrayal of a mass cover-up,” according to the Daily Mail, the report reveals:
• Chinese researchers of bat-related viruses studied a sample which had a 96 percent genetic match to Covid-19 as early as 2013;
• Their ‘risky’ research found in 2015 that the disease was transmissible from bats to humans;
• Information on asymptomatic carriers of the disease was ‘kept silent’ by the Chinese state;
• Beijing started censoring search engines in December to stop any internet surfing relating to the virus;
• The World Health Organisation followed China by denying evidence of human-to-human transmission until late January despite concerns raised by neighbouring countries’;
• The Five Eyes countries lashed out at China for criticising other countries’ flight freezes while simultaneously locking down Hubei Province.

While the US and UK appear increasingly focused on an accidental biolab leak, Australia has thus far dissented on the Wuhan biosafety lab theory and maintained the virus most likely came from the Wuhan live animal market. It says there was “only a 5 percent chance it came from the lab.” However, Australia’s own intimate connections with the Wuhan lab were also documented in the dossier, according to The Telegraph.

The newspaper reported that the “Australian government trained and funded a team of Chinese scientists who belong to a laboratory which went on to genetically modify deadly coronaviruses that could be transmitted from bats to humans and had no cure, and is now the subject of a probe into the origins of COVID-19.”
According to the Daily Mail, these scientists were at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as part of an ongoing partnership between the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The team members reportedly worked in the CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory where they carried out research into deadly pathogens in live bats. This information adds to another concerning branch of the Chinese bioresearch investigation, the role of western public and private research institutions and their links to China.
These links are being now investigated and uncovered in the US, Canada, Australia – and France – which helped build the Wuhan BSL-4 biosafety lab.

China’s secrecy and cover-up of the COVID-19 origins have prodded the leaders of the Five Eyes nations to urge concerted action against Beijing when the pandemic eventually subsides. These actions should also include investigations and restrictions on western scientific collaboration that may be helping China’s ongoing bioresearch efforts.”