Sound Off!

Come on people, wake up! You are not Rip Van Winkle and your heads, should not be stuck in the sand!

What we have presently, is worse than the Coronavirus, it is the  SOCIAL MEDIA VIRUS!

The naysayers, liars, those who exaggerate, embellish, instill fear! The constant barrage of bad news, worse news, based on a hell of a lot of supposition, flawed arguments is astounding. It is constant. Nonstop bullshit!

Being locked away in your home for months is NOT healthy! Your immune system requires certain elements which the outdoors provide, namely the sun, vitamin D, which we ALL need. The reason we have some spikes in cases, is because the newly tested people have not had any contact with anyone, they stayed at home. We have had some misleading information which the mainstream media is not happy about letting the public know about! FACT!

Is it any wonder some our scientist and doctors based their flawed analysis on data that had no bearing on this country, which came from places like Italy, whose population is one of the oldest in the world? What about basing data on China? Please! The country in which the Lab where the virus was created, in which our Dr. Fauci gave US taxpayer dollars to help create, study, during the Obama administration? We are supposed to believe a country who steals our intellectual property for decades, violates human rights constantly, manipulates people and markets? Those models?

The CDC put out faulty information and yet we are supposed to blindly believe? The facts now say that Covid-19 is not that contagious on surfaces as they warned before. They also had predicated other warnings on flawed data.

In April, the CDC director downplayed coronavirus models, saying death toll will be much lower’ than projected

Models released last week showed the virus could kill 100,000-240,000 Americans.

What about on March 16, a 20‐​page report from Neil Ferguson’s team at Imperial College London, which quickly gathered enormous attention by producing enormous death estimates. Dr. Ferguson had previously publicized almost equally sensational death estimates from mad cow disease, bird flu and swine flu. He was touting 2.2 million deaths in his models!

What about the 1968 H3N2 Virus, Pandemic? Killed more Americans than the Vietnam and Korean Wars combined. 100,000 US lives. 1 Million worldwide! We did not shut off the spigots, barricade the doors and close the world up! The age old ‘Herd Immunity’ went to work and people survived, thrived, moved on. Funny, how all the technology in the world has not helped us stop the spread. Why isn’t the media talking about that and how it’s OK to take precautions BUT go and live your lives!

Why aren’t we seeing more about this in the media from 68’? Our resilience, grit, determination? No LOCKDOWNS!

Why isn’t the mainstream media talking about the positive herd immunity numbers in Georgia? The fact the state is doing well does not fit the narrative of those who berated the Governor for opening the State too early! The rabid Left Wing Wack Jobs told the media any deaths after opening would be on the hands of the administration or the State Government! What a bunch of hypocrites!

New York State, Michigan have been media darlings. Giving dueling press conferences each day, one vying for VP slot for Biden Campaign and the other touted for last minute replacement of said candidate Biden! Both of the Governors, took sick, elderly Covid-19 patients and stuck them in already vulnerable nursing homes and now, they are blaming the administration for all the deaths that have incurred for this flawed system only those 2 States adopted! They said they were following guidelines of this administration. Really? Where was the press conference or press release of anyone in authority for the WH or Covid-19 Team, saying directly to take those virus laden patients and stick them with geriatrics? The result of that flawed procedure has cost thousands their lives! Do we hear the mainstream media shouting about that?

What about all the Doctors, Psychologists, who are saying that these forced lockdowns, stay at home orders are resulting in prolonged domestic violence, anxiety, undo stress of losing a job, through no fault of your own, a family member, is causing some to take their own life, need treatment for some mental manifestation that has occurred!? Why haven’t we heard about that on the news programs or in their online presence?

The fact is, whether you want to believe it or not, this manmade Covid-19 is a HUGE political football, where many of our hacks, lawmakers are using this to try and subvert our upcoming elections. Mail-in-ballots [one of the biggest fraudulent ways of voting, FACT] is one way and of course, the infamous disinformation! It seems the Democrats want to dominate the narrative and tell Americans what they are feeling, how they should vote and what to spend their dollars on!

Unless we send them packing in November, they will continue to try and manufacture arguments, distort facts, embroil this country in some make-believe hysteria, in order to change the focus of what will be soon be the revelations that we had a coup attempt, initiated by many bad actors from the previous tenants of the White House and his lieutenants, who most likely, when caught, will fall on their sword for Obama and Biden!

This country has been hijacked by those who don’t want us to prosper, who want us to become dependent on the Government for all our needs, make us wear a uniform, stand in line for basics, like bread, which Senator, failed Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders says, is good for people, work and give 70+% of your wages to the authoritarians in Washington, open all our borders, give free healthcare, college to anyone, mobile phones to those who don’t have them, take away all guns, no more cows, pigs or anything that produces methane gas [some lawmakers should be included in that one!], no more gasoline, only electric vehicles. I could keep going, but I’m sure you have seen, heard the speeches many times before!

This craziness must stop! More and more citizens are seeing that for themselves, no matter what side of the isle they stand on! Soon or later, the walls around the Democratic Party are going to finish cracking and tumble down around the feet of those lying wretches who want us to feed into their doomsday narrative unless they are in power!